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While your season plan determines the direction, duration, and strategy of your training… progression planning calculates precisely how your body is going to react and adapt to that stress. Every coach or self-coached athlete needs to do this, but it’s not an easy task. Fortunately, our tools will enable you to do this automatically on a daily basis because before you start any training cycle you absolutely must be able to:

  • Accurately evaluate your present condition
  • Define realistic goals for the season
  • Set initial training intensities
  • Calculate an appropriate rate of progression

This will enable you to forecast the precise character and rate of results (progression) over time that you’ll need to reach your goal.

Of course there are number of ways you can do this, but quite frankly they require an extensive knowledge of physiology and body mechanics. But our tools can do all of this for you with a proprietary method that has been proven accurate by generations of coaches and athletes in competitions all over the world. Our Results Dynamics tool connects the optimum rate of change of target physiological mechanisms under specific stress factors to the most effective training means that cause those changes…  a process that actually is even more complex than it sounds!

But you don’t have to be a sports scientist to use our tools effectively. We calculate everything for you with surgical precision. And our tools will also enable elite coaches or athletes to manipulate any variable that may affect the training process or even progression itself.

Understanding Progression

Progression is typically based on periodization, but that classic theory is now being regarded as obsolete partly because it does not allow for intelligent management of the training process at a quantitative level.  And without that, intelligent planning or management of the training process is not possible.

We employ a proprietary methodology that came out of the results of comprehensive and focused studies in the methodology of sports training and exercise physiology. We then tested our concepts and theories on generations of elite athletes. It is safe to state that the knowledge we possess and apply in our system is unique and unparalleled, and that the data we have accumulated (from thousands of coaches and tens of thousands of athletes worldwide) has allowed us to fine-tune our protocols even further.

And the results speak for themselves!

Evaluating Your Results with Daily Feedback

It’s nice to be able to plan your progress for the season, but how do you know your goals are realistic and not just wishful thinking?  By embedding sophisticated test sets into our program, we can tell from your results exactly where you are in relation to where you need to be to hit your goal. And we can do this on a daily basis! So you will always know if you’re on course or not. And all you have to do is enter your actual times. We do all the calculations for you, and provide an easy to read graph of your progress that shows in no uncertain terms whether or not you’re “on the curve”.

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