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Your season plan determines the direction, duration, and strategy of your training. To be effective every season plan MUST be prepared specifically for you and address your individual needs, abilities, and goals. In essence every season plan can be viewed as a unique road map and guide to a dream performance. But preparing a good plan is a tedious and time consuming process, even for the savviest coaches, let alone a self-coached athlete. And preparing a plan that will actually turn your dream into a reality is a skill that is usually built on extensive knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, very few coaches have the confidence and ability to do this, and that leads to many a sleepless night filled with worry and dread over training decisions.

But having a top-notch, professionally built training plan that is designed to meet your individual needs (or those of your team) is no longer an issue. Using our tools, you can easily and quickly create a smart, flexible and precise plan that’s based on the latest research and accepted protocols. Our Season Planning Tool automatically calculates all training loads and intensity for you, and even coordinates them with your daily and weekly training schedule. That makes it easy for you to succeed. With our Season Planner it only takes seconds to:

  • Select the best training strategy to reach your goals
  • Sync your best performance days with your most important events
  • Adjust your training to accommodate for injury, illness, or meet dates
  • Calculate the required weekly progression needed to reach your target time

Our proprietary tools can accommodate ANY planning need or desire from a 12 week high school season to a 4 year Olympic cycle. Tested and proven by generations of Olympic coaches and athletes, our Season Planner creates a completely advanced periodized season in seconds, and even helps you find the most effective training strategy for your particular situation.


Our tools are designed to be used by any coach or athlete. All you need to do is tell us a little about yourself, your training, you event dates, and your goals. And that’s all we need to build an individual training plan for you, which you can view in seconds. Once we build your personal season plan you can also use our Advanced Season Planning Tools to modify or tweak your plan according to specific training goals. But we don’t recommend using this powerful tool lightly. It was designed for elite coaches and world-class athletes to zero in on specific training effects.

With our tools anyone can create a season plan that is light years ahead of what most top coaches can prepare for their athletes. And you don’t even have to know anything about physiology or body mechanics. We do everything for you, and work silently in the background. But if you need extra help, our experts are only a phone call or an e-mail away and can provide you with the extra guidance you might need to overcome any challenge


A professionally prepared season plan will give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. With it you can…

  • Stop guessing how much or how hard to train
  • Stay on target with coordinated weekly and daily efforts designed to help you reach your goal
  • Save time and aggravation preparing plans for all the athletes on your team (we do it automatically for you!)
  • Make changes to your plan if necessary, but remain on target
  • Train effectively with our exclusive parametric training strategies that are embedded in all our training plans

These are just some of the reasons why so many national and Olympic coaches have chosen our Training Design concepts and tools to plan their seasons. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of our program and see for yourself how we can help you in your situation.

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