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We Coordinate Your Plan of Attack

Every workout produces a specific effect, and each of these must be coordinated with every other workout over the entire season, if you are going to maximize progress and reach your goal. Although there are plenty of random (or self-contained) workouts available today, they all miss the big picture and mistakenly try to connect individual sets to an athlete’s age or desire without considering the effect today’s workout will have on tomorrow’s or next month’s.

With sports being so fiercely competitive today you cannot afford to waste a single day of training. And using a “good” workout that was created for someone else’s body simply won’t cut it. In fact it could do you a lot of harm. Your workouts need to be created for you, your abilities, and goals… and they all must be an integral part of an enormous jig-saw puzzle that will lead you to your goal.

What Makes a “Good” Workout?

Preparing workouts specific to an athlete’s needs is not a simple task. It is not unusual for a coach to spend days or even a week just to prepare a weekly plan for an athlete. And even then, he may miss the mark. To eliminate this contingency every one of our workouts is designed with these principles in mind. They must…

  • Be coordinated with previous AND future weeks by volume (distances), intensity and direction of workload in each functional component of preparation
    • Address immediate needs (on a weekly scale) in development of functions that are critical for the current phase of preparation
    • Include training sets (on a daily level) that are most efficient in achieving the progression you want
    • Keep balance between effort and the time required to recover from immediate stress (aka training density)
    •  Keep track of  daily training intensities on a regular basis


To do this on a daily basis by hand for an entire team is a time consuming, if not impossible task. But we can calculate all these variables for you, and do it with much greater precision than you can, even with the help of your computer. And not only will our automated tools save you time, they will also give you much better and more consistent results.

They will also keep you in check. It’s easy for a coach, an athlete, or even a whole team to get carried away with fast performances and want to see more of them every day. But that makes it all too easy to cross the line and push an athlete beyond what he needs to accomplish in any given training session. Our tools can help take this emotional component out of a coach’s or athlete’s repertoire and replace it with sound scientific logic.

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