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Set weekly training schedule

Week Settings function is a mandatory step on a way to other planning functions.  To simplify the process, 3S calculates the optimum number of sessions and their optimum duration based on optimum volume necessary to achieve swimmer’s target result and provides suggested schedule on user’s first-time arrival to this page.

It is important to understand that the suggested session time is based on swimming practice only.

The Week Schedule planner consists of two identical panels: Main and Supplemental.  Your Main Session panel is always positioned first (top panel).  It can be set as an AM or PM, depending on your conditions.

The user may modify the following parameters:

Select/Add Session and chose Venue Type (Pool Type): we are currently limited choices to standard competitive pool sizes 25 yards, 25 meters and 50 meters.

  1. To remove any session from a particular day, click on “X” sign after the pool selector
  2. To Add Session please select Pool Type.
  3. Set/Adjust Session Duration: It is important to understand that your training session will be adjusted to selected session duration.  Please keep in mind that we calculate swimming time only.
  4. Saving Changes:

Any changes made to the Week Setting form need to be saved before leaving the page.  The changes can be applied to current week or any number of weeks forward:

Any week can be adjusted individually, to match your situation.

  1. Rest Days: Our system will keep optimum training balance and apply proper loads (by Day Type) regardless of selected rest days. We recommend having at least one rest day a week.
  2. Optimum Number of Sessions: The optimum number of sessions depends on the swimmer’s qualification.  Top level swimmers typically train 10-12 times a week.  The minimum recommended number of sessions (considering competitive aspirations) is four sessions a week.