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subscription to training services for individual and self-coached SWIMmers

2 Weeks Free Trial included!

Ideal for individual swimmers who want to receive highly individualized, optimum training programs with Olympic-grade planning and attention to details.  After setting your account profile (2-3 minutes), you will receive access to your training plan with option to further adjust any training parameter. 

With 3S, you are not left alone with our program and tools: 3S experts are only a call away to further individualize your settings at all levels, from your season to a daily workout and optimum set selection that will work specifically for you.    

With 3S, apart from stroke training, you receive the training plans and support that equals (if not surpass) to any professional team training.

Individual License
Standard Support
Per Month
Everything a Single Swimmer may need
Settings, Training Planning and Workouts for One Swimmer
Standard Support
Expert Support Available **

Please contact us at or at (804) 519 1201 if you need to customize your settings or plan.

check new revolutionary tools included with every membership plan 

EASY Settings
Planning tools
Easy “Training  Object” Profile Settings – NEW   Advanced Cycle Planner with Cascade Strategy Option  – NEW! “See Your Day” in Block View  NEW!
“Smart” Week Schedule Planner – NEW!                  Interactive “Easy” Season Planner – NEW! Summary (Print) View
Automatic Time and Loads Suggestions –NEW!  Week Density Planner with Parametric Sets Manager – NEW! Workout Designer (Set-By-Set) – NEW!