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Athlete Profile Settings

(Season, targets, preferences)

Step 1.  Add new Swimmer or Group Training Profile

Training Object Setup – is the first and foremost important action necessary to initiate the 3S Platform, its suggestions and tools.  All fields on this form are mandatory.  This is the only form you must fill in; all other data points are calculated based on the entries made on this page.


  1. Log into your account using the credentials created at registration.
  2. Upon arrival on your “Swimmers List” page, select empty “training object’s profile” cards available with your account.

Step 2. Create “Training Object” Profile

  1. Enter First, Last name, select gender and enter swimmer date of birth. Our system uses Date of Birth to calculate Maximum Working Heart Rate.
  2. Enter current season name (with time users will accumulate “seasons”. This information is open to users and used by 3S for progress analytics.

Step 3. Define main event parameters

  1. Maximum Working HR – this fired is editable. It is pre-populated once the user enters swimmers’ date of birth.
  2. Our system works with both main systems of measurements: Metric and Imperial. You can entry data in any of these systems.
  3. Select Pool size, “Distance of Main Event” and main stroke.
  4. Select Beginning Intensity (as a percentage from “Previous Best Time on Main Event)”. The recommended Beginning Intensity is between 90 and 95% from Previous best Result on main event. It depends on age of athlete, type and goals of the season
  5. Select “Season Type”. The default selection is “Sequential” season type. The Cascade season construction can be used for longer seasons, consisting of two cycles. You will be able to make your selection at “Cycles” page

Step 4. Define Season Parameters and Target on The Main Event

  1. Season Start Date: by default – current date
  2. Season End Date: this is the date of your most important start in the season.
  3. Number of Weeks in Season: calculated value based on duration of your season in weeks. This value is editable (the Number of Weeks in Season value will be adjusted accordingly)

! IMPORTANT: We recommend keeping each cycle duration between 14 and 24 weeks. In most cases the season’s duration depends on your calendar of competitions.  Please consider dividing your season in cycles if your season is longer than 22-24 weeks.

Progression rate (%): calculated percent of planned improvement.  This value is editable (the Target Time value will be adjusted accordingly)

Save and Proceed to Profile II. Click on button to save entered data.  At this point your (your athlete) main profile is saved and will be used by our model to calculate all other data produced on our platform.  You can return to this form at any time to make any adjustments, if necessary.  However, please use this option with caution: once you move into your training season, any changes to this form will affect the training recommendations and possibly, conflict with adaptation requirements (already achieved and expected).