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Set Individual Results and Targets by Stroke

This page concludes the initial individual swimmer or group settings. Profile 2 form allows to enter/adjust individual results in different strokes on “standard” distance (100 meters or yards depending on selection made in Profile 1).

Upon arrival, our program offers the “optimum” times in strokes based on previous personal best and target result on athlete’s “main event”.  Unfortunately, we are all different and it is expected that swimmers may have times different from optimum.  Entering actual times will allow us to further individualize our training suggestions in sets on a daily level.

This form may also serve as a “screening tool” to define individual results by stroke structure and identify the strongest stroke.

! Important: by default, we apply the same Planned Progression as selected in Profile 1.  However, you may select individualized rate for each stroke. In that case you will have to make adjustment to training volume per stroke manually, which is allowed by our tools. The best place to make such adjustments – is Workout Manager (“Expert Mode”).   

Exiting the form

Since Profile 2 includes individual profile settings, we use this information to calculate all other training recommendations.  As the next logical step, we need to calculate seasonal training volume required to achieve target result.  The seasonal volume, in turn, will also define the required number and duration of weekly sessions (yet another feature we offer in background).

Therefore, we offer two different options for how to save adjustments depending on how these adjustments may affect the training suggestions we make.

Option 1. (Recommended for first-time visitors):

This option will save the Profile 2 settings (whether they are calculated by default or adjusted by you) and take you to “Week (Schedule) Settings” page, which will be pre-calculated based on our algorithms.

! Important: this option may change the Week Schedule settings made by you if the Target Time in main event is changed, or the main event stroke and distance are changed. All other outcomes, including your Season Plan, Week Load Density Distribution and workouts will be re-calculated as well.

Option 2. (Recommended if you want to preserve the settings made previously):

This option will take you to Season Planner first so you can review suggested (optimum) seasonal volume and adjust if required.  The best way to make decision about adjustments is by dividing weekly volumes (Black line on the Graph), on the number of sessions per week you plan (or based on your availability).

Use this option if you DO NOT want to make any changes to your training settings without being in full control