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smart paces explained

Smart Paces Web App is designed to provide critical training information to every swim coach, swimmer, or parent of a swimmer.  The App has three different version:

Smart Paces pro 300
  1. “Essential paces” (V.1.1.) – a simple, no-nonsense calculator based on the entry of reference results on any distance and pool.   This option is “independent” and “Static” in nature.  You will receive precise training targets,  including times by intervals or intensity level (Zones), target zone paces, and expected Heart Rates based on a single reference time at any distance.   It is, well, essential to have immediate access to target times and paces for any situation in your pool.
  2.  “Pro Paces” (V.2.2.) – is an independent app built with coaches and teams in mind.  This app version allows you to register groups and swimmers, build their season parameters, and receive highly individualized and dynamic training targets for each swimmer or group.   The features are the same as in the Essential version but are “fortified” and much more helpful when you have a team to coach and manage.  The App is offered in two variants, for “small” and “large” teams with identical features. 
  3.  “Pro paces” (V.2.1) – fully integrated version for “3S Complete Training Design Platform” users.  This version offers full integration between the main platform settings and the app, making it even more precise and useful.  It is like having full access to your pre-planned training decisions on the go.      

You are covered with any version, depending on your needs.