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The “Preparedness Structure” or “Results Structure” concept explains the connection between an athlete’s ability to perform on all ranges of competitive distances.   Because athletes’ performance directly depends on the human ability to produce sustained energy for a required duration of competitive (maximum) effort on the one hand, and different energy production mechanisms involved in energy production depending on effort duration on another,  sports scientists are using a slightly different term – Individual Energy Model. This term better explains this approach’s nature and allows for establishing a direct connection between the maximum effort time and energy mechanism(s) predominantly supporting specific efforts.   More so,  since duration (time of effort) and relative intensity (average speed, Power) are universal and easy-to-access parameters,  this method can be used as criteria for the Energy Zones definition.  

Information we Deliver

Once you arrive on the Preparedness Structure page, you receive the results on all competitive distances in relation to the “Reference Time” on one selected distance you entered in Settings.    The times on all distances can be recalculated in relation to any time and pool size.   

Smart Paces Web App offers individual preparedness structure based on 3S Models.  The Model type is defined by the reference distance you selected.  There are three Model types we apply in this calculator:

  1. Sprint (distances from 10 to 199 yards/meters)
  2. Mid-Distance (distances from 200 to 500 yards/meters)
  3. Endurance (distances from 501 to 1650 yards/meters)
Prep structure tut

Preparedness Structure models are built based on decades of proprietary research and connect human performance patterns based on their muscle fiber composition and training specialization.  The 3S method allows us to understand swimmers’ preparedness better, find the proper focus of training, and apply the most efficient strategies to drive results to their maximum.   Other important implications of this concept are also very important for optimum athletes’ development.  3S Platform is preparing access to the Individual Preparedness Structure tool that will allow further individualization of individual targets and, therefore, training precision.  

Why is this information important?
The knowledge of realistic expectations of full-out efforts on distances in relation to time on the main event is hard to overestimate.   This information is useful in various situations.  The more obvious of these are provided below:
1.  Understand the actual maximum effort times in relation to the current time on any distance. This will help you establish proper training paces. 
2.  Comparing the actual results with those suggested by the model offers a unique opportunity to understand the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses at different distances. 
3. Model times can be used as reference times for building desired intensities in training sets on those distances 
4. Model times can serve as an indicator of the actual progression your athletes achieve