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reference time settings
reference time selection

To initiate the Smart Paces Essential calculator, start with the Settings page, where you enter reference time for any desired distance, pool, and stroke. Adding the age will allow the connection to Energy Zones by Heart rate. Thanks to our algorithms, which have been tested and improved for over thirty years, this is all required to start calculations in the “Easy” version of the app.   

The Smart Paces Pro level selects your Group and Swimmers’ individual settings automatically based on their position in the season, thus making your reference times relevant for every week of your training cycle.  This also means that the individual targets and paces for each selected swimmer or group will be calculated based on their optimum progression curve, automatically calculated by the “3S Sport Engine” in the background.   The Complete 3S Platform allows additional adjustments of every component, including individual times per stroke and medley.

training models

The distribution of times per distance depends on the structure model type of the results. In 3S, we use three Sprinters, mid-distance, and Distance Swimmers models. The boundaries of each category are discussed on the Results Structure page.  

Please note that the “Easy” version of the App uses a “Static” model. This is very convenient when you need to calculate different scenarios and are not concerned about the dynamic nature of the performance change in season. If you need “Dynamic Progression” calculations, the Pro license will be a better choice, especially if you need to track individual progression information for different groups and swimmers.   

how to use Settings

The Settings you enter in the Essential version of the app (Smart Paces 1.1. version) will be temporarily saved on your browser and may be deleted depending on your mobile activity.  All further calculations are executed based on parameters entered on that page, such as reference time for the selected event.      

The app’s Pro version is wholly integrated with the 3S Complete Platform and, therefore, allows to enter and save the Group and Swimmers’ training and season profiles, which makes all the calculations much more relevant and precise because they are connected to individual progression curves and models.   In essence, the Pro Version of the App is just a step away from the full platform while remaining easy to use and portable.   When combined (Smart Paces Pro is included in the 3S Complete Platform subscription), all individual settings and profiles can be further individualized.   

With the Pro version of the App, you always have access to times, sets, and paces for all of your groups and swimmers.  


It is important to note that your sets will be relevant ONLY if the reference time selected in the App Settings section is realistic and close to the swimmer’s CURRENT ability.  Setting targets above (faster) current abilities will make these sets damaging both in the short and long term perspective.