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training profiles, Seasons and Goals

Every season, we plan the progressions we desire to achieve as well as the training loads we need to use to support such progressions.  Training intensities are usually connected to Training or Energy Zones, which allow us to identify the most effective training sets and training loads.   Sequential positioning of such training loads by intensity level – often referred to as “training strategy,” which, by the end of the day, determines our successes or failures. 

Super Sport Systems science establishes the optimum progression one can achieve under optimum season planning.  Smart Paces Pro version of the app is using the same individual profile parameters and swimmers’ management tools that we use on our main platform.  This allows us to preserve all the advantages of the 3S Platform but in a much easier and more portable format.    


how to add groups and swimmers

When first logging in to the App, you must create at least one group.  You can also upload or enter your swimmers’ information manually and assign swimmers to the groups you already created.  Just follow these simple steps:


Select “Groups” from App Menu at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 2.  

Select “Add New Group” button.  This button will become permanent after the group is created.


Fill in the form and click on “Save” at the bottom of the screen.  Please note that all fields are mandatory.


Select the group you created (it will become highlighted) and proceed to any page of the app.  The App will use your Group (or any other selected object profile, such as “Swimmer” when you will add it and assign to the group)  to calculate sets and paces. Please note that all paces are dynamic in the Pro version and will follow your season progression based on season week.   

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