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The World According to Super Sport Systems. Our Professional Position

The cornerstone question about the coaching profession is whether coaching is an art or a science. With the growing number of computerized coaching systems on the market today it is obvious that the “scientific coaching” approach is winning over coaching by “feeling and motivation”. However, it is also true that both approaches may co-exist successfully.

Regardless of what coaches say, more and more of them are relying on hard data, rather than on feelings and intuition. This is especially true at the level of coaching expertise required by national federations and Olympic teams, where improvement is hard to achieve and competition is fierce.

Similar to the technological fallout from NASA and Space Labs in other countries, the Olympic sport is now producing cutting-edge research and data which can be applied to other levels and segments of sports participants, all the way down to age groups and back up again to masters. Actually, once the methodology is in place and the strategy has been proven (as it has with the 3S System), it can be applied to swimmers of any ability.

The knowledge to accomplish this, however, does not come cheap or easily. Years of research are necessary to test a single theory, and only a few theories are ever proven viable. When it comes to sports training knowledge and methodology, reliable information is not something readily available. You cannot just pick it off the shelf of your local bookstore. It is a rare and expensive commodity and more importantly, it is one that serves to ensure competitive advantage in world arenas.

3S launched its first public services in 2002. Since then 3S became the leading provider of training support and decision-making tools for professional coaches and results-oriented individual users. Our users achieve consistent improvements from season to season and year to year.  You can find our users on all continents and in more than 40 countries of the world.   We are proud to state that over 80% of our users are returning back to our service each year.   The knowledge and experience accumulated from our tools’ application positioned us among the leaders in the field of sports training methodology, the design of effective training strategies, contemporary periodization theory, and adaptation corridors.

Our users – coaches, are delegating athletes to every Olympics since 2004.  In 2008, 3S trained athletes won 3 medals and delegated two coaches to Olympics.  In 2012 and 2016 more than five 3S coaches were representing their countries and athletes in London and Rio.  Coaches and athletes usually come to us when they need help to improve their results and performance and that is exactly what we deliver!

Individual 3S users are also having their fair share of success.  For example, each year since 2007 3S-trained master rowers and scullers bring multiple medals from the most prestigious US and international regattas and CRUSH-B events.

3S Educational component was recognized by ISCA (International Swim Coach Association) and remaining the etalon of advanced level education for coaches in endurance sports.

SwimmerThe knowledge base underlying Super Sport Systems’ training methodology and training design tools comes from the focused and very specialized research launched by the USSR at an unprecedented level during the Cold War era. In the 50’s the former Soviet Union made a strategic decision to support the development of sport sciences in order to assure the dominance of Soviet sportsmen at major world sporting events and at the Olympic games. Since then, and until the late 80’s, the Soviet sports science industry was heavily financed.  An enormous research infrastructure with multiple data banks was developed just for this purpose.

As a result of such a focused approach, each Olympic sport was meticulously studied, and the associated information was processed through affiliated scientific research centers. Notwithstanding Soviet research, these sports scientists amassed data from all over the world to develop the main principles of their training process.

The 3S System then is not really a Russian approach to training but is instead a whole new methodology, based on the accumulated knowledge of generations of scientists from all over the world and supported with real-life training data from several thousand coaches using 3S system over the last 10 years.  As a matter of fact, there is no analogy anywhere in the world today to processing power and analytical capabilities created within our system.

In 1999 an American based company, in association with a team of leading Soviet sports scientists, formed an alliance to develop a product capable of producing individualized training recommendations at the very same level that was previously available only as a service to Olympic coaches. The first stand-alone coaching tool capable of solving this task, dubbed the Training Optimization Program, was introduced in 2001. However, it still was more a consulting tool, and hardly appropriate for general use. The team continued development and in 2002 produced the first Internet version of TOP, known today as 3S “Classic” coaching service. 3S introduced a revolutionary multi-sport module in 2004 and followed with an “Elite” version of their service for swimming coaches during the Fall of the same year.  A year later we introduced yet another module for rowers and scullers and from there we continue to accumulate data and improve our methods and algorithms in all endurance sports modules we serve.   The information collected working with hundreds of coaches worldwide opened new horizons and allowed us to introduce several new training concepts and methods.   Today we are working on a new revolutionary platform for our services that we are expecting to launch later this year.

Before the advent of Super Sport Systems, elite coaching methodology and knowledge about the preparation of athletes was limited to a select handful of world-renowned coaches. Actually, some of this knowledge was considered so valuable, it was classified as a state secret for many years. With the present online version of the 3S System coaches around the world can now dip into this vast knowledge pool and participate in its future development.

Designed to be a total training solution for both professional coaches and individual athletes, the 3S System does not require an advanced degree in physiology to use it. Neither does it require any extraordinary computer skills. The 3S System can be applied to practically any individual or team endurance sport and can be utilized in virtually any coach-assisted or self-training program.

There is no analogy to the services offered by Super Sport Systems. Its knowledge, technology, and product quality are unique among training programs. Another advantage of 3S is its immediate access to the unique resources made available by Olympic level coaches and athletes worldwide. Unlike other programs that rely on the success story of a single coach or athlete, 3S offers a truly international base of knowledge and proprietary tools, which can lead to the ultimate success of anybody who is willing to adopt our system and philosophy.

Periodically, 3S conducts seminars and other public events to introduce our training concepts and methodology to the coaching community. Attending one of these clinics will greatly enhance your ability to understand the various components of the 3S System and will enable you to achieve maximum success when applying it in practice.

Since 3S also specializes in education for coaches (generations of Olympic level athletes and coaches in various sports have been prepared in accordance with our teaching methods), we offer not only services, but also in-depth knowledge concerning sports methodologies and practices for practically any Olympic or endurance sport.

Join us today, and succeed tomorrow with the most advanced suite of coaching tools on the planet!

Just a few facts which you may be interested to know about 3S Company and its users:

• Founded in 2001 with only 5 users in the first year, Super Sport Systems supported over 6000 coaches over the last 10 years, over 20,000 athlete/seasons.
• With services offered first just in the US in one sport (swimming) only, today 3S has extended its services to coaches in more than 35 countries in multiple sports, including team sports such as field hockey, lacrosse and soccer in addition to its “core” endurance sports such as swimming, rowing, cycling, running and triathlon.
• 3S customers’ base is growing primarily through word of mouth, from one success story to another…
• Over 90% of coaches and elite competitive individual athletes are returning back to 3S or continuing subscription from year to year for the last 10 years…
• Over 70% of 3S users are professional coaches who rely on this service in their daily work.
• On average 3S tools help coaches to achieve personal best results in over 90% of their athletes, consistently from season to season…
• 3S coaches as a group experiencing higher satisfaction with their profession as well as more rapid professional growth regardless of level they coach.
• “Average” 3S coaches experience national level results after 12 months of working with 3S tools, regardless of their previous experience…
• Our youngest “self-coached” athlete-swimmer was only 9 years old when he grew just in one season to 6 national titles in South Africa…
• Our “oldest” young athlete is 76 years old today and preparing to his next national champion title in rowing ergometer event (CRASH-B).

• After assisting over 30 Olympic and World medallists prior to going public, 3S online service helped over 30 athletes in several sports in varios countries to claim their national titles, not to mention three Olympic medals won by 3S-coached athletes in Beijing and at least six Olympians from four countries.
• 3S experience was shared at top international and national professional forums conducted under IOC Congress in Moscow (2008), FINA, International Olympic Solidarity committee, USA Rowing, Russian National Sports University, etc.
• Since 2010 alone, over 10 3S collegiate coaches awarded with “Coach of the Year” title.  More so, they have delegated at least 5 athletes from 4 countries to Olympic Games in London and Rio, some of them appointed to represent different nations.

Coaches often fixated on finding the ultimate “recipe for success system” or method that is uniquely working for their athletes.  The market exploits this belief quite well, continually supplying “revolutionary” pseudo-successful training “systems” and “hot” methods. The HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Tabatha Method (yet another variation of interval high-intensity training), and recently USRPT method are all capitalizing on the idea that one particular approach to training will bring “spectacular” improvements and results (please read the article on the analysis of USRPT method).

All these methods, however, fail to answer the fundamental question of sports training – “what is the optimal path to the individual peak performance in particular event (“how much” of “how fast” and in what sequential order these sets should be applied during the season?).  In sports science, we often define this task as “Optimization of Training Process,” a fundamental issue that has a potential to redefine the ways we train and coach.

Achieving optimization goal is not an easy task.  A massive research and fundamental knowledge in different areas of sports science are required to find the solution. The cornerstone of any optimization process is a model of human behavior under specific stresses, such as training exercises, where each exercise type has its role (in terms of achieving a particular effect) and place (when and how much we need to apply).

Super Sports Systems – is the only publicly available platform offering exactly this service.  Based on a proprietary model which is a result of decades of research, 3S algorithms produce an optimized path to individual success of its users, starting with industry-leading planning principles and ending with very detailed daily training suggestions augmented with tools allowing to check individual progress against planned progression.

The unique feature of our model is in its ability to connect all elements of training process by using a common parameter in each of them. This allows us to connect times, paces, distances with corresponding physiological parameters such as Working Heart Rate, Blood lactate accumulation, and Maximal Oxygen Consumption to name a few.  More so, we can maintain stress levels in a way that allows us to maintain the optimum balance of development elements for every week and day of the training season, regardless of their duration of length.

This approach allows our users to evaluate their athletes’ condition and understand not the only level of preparedness but also their “preparedness structure” – or balance of levels of preparedness elements in relation to current and target goals (we calculate “model” preparedness structure for each athlete for every training day!).

Having this said, 3S platform should be viewed not just yet another “training system”, but rather a multi-dimensional platform allowing intelligent management of individual training process. And if the coaching profession and future of your athletes is important to you, you should not ignore the simple fact that training is a process and you need knowledge and tools to effectively manage this process at the individual level.

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