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Parametric sets

What are Parametric Sets?

Parametric Training concept explains the principles of human adaptation to standard exercises and determines the most effective training modality for achieving specific goals.  Parametric sets are an integral part of the 3S platform and are one of the reasons explaining its success.  

 How to Access Parametric Sets Planner Block

To open parametric block, click on “i” sign at the left bottom part of the page.

Selecting Parametric Days

  1. Inclusion of Parametric Sets by Phases

Parametric sets (type 1) are recommended only for the Accumulation phase of the season and are serving as a driver of an Aerobic Capacity development

  1. Parametric Sets Position in the Week

Parametric sets position in the week depends on numerous factors. By default, the sets are included in Tuesday’s’ and Saturday’s’ practices.

  1. What happens if Tuesday or Saturday are my Rest days?

Our service will move the parametric set to another active day, however, on the page Load Planner, the set will still be attached to previous (“default”) position.  To correct this, follow the steps:

  1. Open Parametric Block
  2. Click on “Edit”

In the Parametric Set Editor, click on day and select another (active) day you want to apply Parametric set.

After the changes are made, click on “Apply”.

Parametric Sets Edits

The Parametric Set editor allows the user to change/adjust any parameter of the set.  This function can also be viewed as “Set Designer”

The following parameters are open for editing:

  1. Stroke
  2. Working Distance
  3. Beginning number of repetitions
  4. Beginning Intensity (as an adjustment to “default” week intensity)
  5. Weeks to start/end parametric block (usually coincides with Accumulation phase)
  6. Progression strategy. This feature essentially allows for planning the desired rate of adaptation (in terms of increase of distance at sustained pace). This is a very sensitive parameter, which depends on several factors and training strategies. On the other hand, week to week changes in this set can be viewed as an indicator of general adaptation and quality of training. Please use caution and common sense when making these adjustments.