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Next Generation Training design and training management platform HAS finally arrived!

From Sergei Beliaev, Ph.D., MBA
Founder and President
Super Sport Systems LLC

Since 2002 Super Sport Systems has been known as the premier training design and training management platform. Coming from multi-decade research, 3S offered essential planning and training process management tools every coach and athlete could benefit from in their daily effort to achieve excellence.  Today, we are announcing our Next Generation platform refined for ultimate precision and usability, and built using proven training methods that have made our previous “Classic” platform a secret weapon of many Olympic, National, Collegiate and Club coaches and athletes for the past two decades. I invite you to test our platform, challenge your potential, and become a part of the 3S community of winning coaches and athletes from over 40 countries worldwide.

covering the training needs of coaches and athletes since 2002

The benchmarks of our Service

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maximize training efficiency 

with 3S’s Training Technology, knowledge, and Tools

Super Sport System’s Platform provides everything a coach could possibly need to prepare for a winning season, week and workout.  3S delivers carefully crafted training plans and coordinated workouts for every athlete or group on your team with precise load distribution per Energy Zone for each week and workout. It then selects and finally calculates effective sets, with individualized targets for every swimmer.

The features our users value most

Critical Guidance

Solid Science

Customization Tools

3S Platform is designed to produce highly individualized training suggestions for every swimmer or group.  You will receive suggestions for all necessary components of training planning from a detailed season plan, its volume, weekly and daily loads by energy zones, and detailed set-by-set workouts. All of them designed just for you!

Our designs come from decades of research, the accumulated knowledge of generation of Olympic coaches, as well as proprietary (and winning) training concepts and ideas. Eliminate guessing from your planning decisions. The 3S training platform will arm you with precise suggestions that will produce maximum changes in every swimmer of your team.

While all our suggestions have been proven to deliver results, every season is different, as well as your swimmer’s training needs.  To assist coaches in their work, we have designed tools that can adjust ANY training parameter. It starts with your week’s training schedule, and then progresses to selection of your season strategy, weekly and daily loads, workouts and sets.

start your season with a plan optimized for your team’s abilities and goals 

and enjoy winning with the most advanced training design tools in the industry

Performance Analyzer
We analyze individual performance, and guide its development in a direction consistent with your goals. The proper Performance Structure guarantees maximum precision for the designing of sets and paces for every effort on any distance and stroke!
Interactive Season Planner
Season plan is arguably the most important component of your future success. If it is done correctly, it serves as a compass and a guide, allowing you to manage adaptations in the desired direction. With the 3S Season Planner you will receive a highly effective training plan that you can trust!
Workouts Generator
3S workouts are composed to produce the maximum training effect in every specific area of your performance. Every effort is well defined and includes training goals based on your current needs and abilities. More so, every daily effort is coordinated with all other efforts in any particular week and session to produce the desired progress.
Progress Evaluation Block
With 3S, you will receive not only our highly optimized and precise training suggestions, but also tools to measure the direction and rate of your actual progress in real time. You won't have any more worries about whether you are on the right path to success or not. Simply follow our suggestions, enter the results of a test set(s), and view your position on our results progression curve!
Matt Kredich
University of Tennessee
Head Swim Coach

I am in awe of the 3S program. It has taught me a more productive way to train, and has helped me further my coaching career.


Set Season Dates & Strategy

No coach starts a new season without a solid plan!  3S’s Interactive Season Planner provides highly individualized Olympic-grade plans for any level or situation.   3S tools,  including “Sequential” or “Cascade” construction (3S proprietary) will allow you to plan and manage training cycles with ease.   You may not know it, but all collegiate coaches using 3S during the last decade actually benefited from this a Cascade option. And their results speaks for themselves!

Manage weekly loads

Once you have a season plan, you still need to take the next step and distribute your planned loads between training days and sessions.  This task is extremely important.  Your athletes’ progress depends directly on their ability to accept your suggested workloads on one hand, and recover from them before achieving the next load, on another.   3S tools provide you with this knowledge. as well as the means of achieving it. Subscribe and receive optimum loads distribution, regardless of your specific training schedule.

access Daily workouts

Daily workouts and set selection are critical, if you want to achieve the maximum training effect after each training session.  Therefore, every training set and workout should be designed to address the individual needs of each swimmer on the day of its application. 3S workouts automatically include the most effective training sets in every training zone.  This is the best recipe to improve individual performance.  Be assured that every 3S set is designed to produce the best results every day.

Our Membership Plans are designed to Cover the needs of coaches, individual swimmers, and their parents.

Individual Swimmer
Small Team
Large Team
receive full access to all our features and TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL WITH ANY SUBSCRIPTION

coaches trusting 3S for over a decade