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Receive industry most powerful tools and effective training methodology to drive your athletes’ performance to desired results.  Works with any age or level!


Optimized Training Plans

Stop using somebody’s elses workouts and plans.  Receive individually optimized and coordinated daily workouts designed to drive YOUR performance.

Coaches' Education

Take 3S course in Contemporary Methods of Sports Training that is designed to explain the latest training methods and arm you with practical knowledge that will change your professional life and career.  Learn from the best to become the best!

Top 3S-Powered Coaches and Athletes

Bill Direnkott
Bill Dorenkott, Head Swim Coach, Ohio State University, Coach of Olympian Samantha Sheverton (CAN). 3S user and supporter since 2006
Ricardo Marmolejo
Presidente de la asociación de entrenadores en México, Head Coach, Olympic Training Center. 3S user and supporter since 2005
Randy Walker
Head Coach, Sweetwater Aquatics, Coach of a Two-time State Club Championship. 3S User and contributor since 2016
Neal Studd
Head Coach, Florida State University, 3S User since 2006
Darcie Blatchly-Smith
Top UK Age Group Swimmer, 3S-Swimmer since 2017
Gregg Benning
Top US Master Rower, 10 times HOCR Champion in Grand Masters Category. 3S User since 2008


Mat Luebbers Swimming

The Super Sport System looks like a good tool for athletes and coaches. The workout planning system will help athletes maximize their chances of achieving their athletic goals. It uses well-researched exercise science principles along with each athlete’s individual parameters to design long-range sport-specific training plans, weekly training plans, and individual daily workouts that will help any level of athlete or sport participant reach their athletic goals.

Bill Dorenkott
The Ohio State University
Head Coach Women's Swimming

I wanted to drop a note to share a success story. Samantha Cheverton made the Canadian Olympic Team last night in the 200 freestyle. She finished second in a lifetime best of 1:57.9 and will get to swim the 200 free and 800 free relay in London. Just wanted to thank you for playing a role in the process.  03/30/2012

Rob Knight
Bloomington Normal Swim Club
Head Coach

We just finished our State Championship meet this past Sunday and had two 13-14 boys finish in the top 8 in the mile.  Wyatt finished 6th with a 17:12 and Ben finished 8th with a 17:29.  Wyatt dropped 26 seconds from his lifetime best back in December of 2011 and Ben dropped 29 seconds from his previous best on February 24th of 2012.  Thank you!  3/13/2012

Mark Osborn
Germany Junior Rowing
Proud Parent-Coach

3S works! Jason (Osborn) won two national (Germany) titles at the weekend. Gold in Lightweight Single U17 and Gold in Lightweight Double Four U17. This is his first year at U17 (he is only 15). Thank you, your programme is simple, effective and gets results.  07/09/2009

Michael McHugh
Minnesota DoorCounty YMCA
Head Coach

Thank you for all of your help in the past, Conner set the new 100 yard National Breaststroke record this year at 53.41. Going to Minnesota On full scholarship.   09/12/2014

Federico Sarabia Rodriguez
Mazatlan Aquatics, Mexico
Head Coach

We just came out of championship where all athletes demonstrated excellent results.  This happened because of your program and knowledge. I´m very satisfied so far, THANK YOU for your knowledge and assistance!  11/17/2014

Roy Chaney
Colorado Torpedoes Swim Team
Head Coach

Our kids had a great Junior Olympics. I cannot believe how well they swam. They dropped anywhere from a couple of seconds to 10+ seconds and made it into finals and consols.  THANK YOU!

Hesham Sedik
Cairo, Egypt

Dear 3S:  It is a great pleasure to report our progress after competing at Nationals here in Egypt.  My team did a great job in 2 consecutive competitions first called Cairo Championship and the second is the Egyptian National Championship.  95% of our swimmers improved their personal records, the team moved from 6th place to 2nd place which is a massive step forward despite the lack of a number of swimmers in some events.  In the end, I received 2 new job offers from different clubs but I am remaining loyal to the team I am working with.  Thank you so much for your support.  I had a great experience with 3S and I am looking forward to continuing my work and education with 3S.  

Omar Nuñez Aguirre
Nicaragua Swimming
Head Coach

Dear Sergei,  Last week we concluded our main season participating in Nicaragua National Championship and now can report the results we achieved with 3S assistance. Our top swimmer, Carla Abarca (16 years old),  set several absolute national records in her age group, Carlos Huerta (12 years old) set a new national record in 200 butterfly.  Otoniel Munguia (12 years old) set another record in 400 combined. Gerald Hernandez (12 years old) won the free 400-800-1500, and crossed 5,000 meters in open water.  As I said, the Super Sport Systems has helped us a lot in achieving these results and we hope to continue these improvements in future.


Enhance Your Knowledge in Contemporary Training Methods   

Key 3S Concepts and Methods Explained

3S Training Optimization Platform is founded on multi-decade research resulted in identifying several breakthrough training concepts and methods known today around the world.  We are using interconnected  optimization models which are based the same optimization criteria.  Click below to access articles on latest training ideas and applications.  You can always take 3S Certification courses which are designed to offer even more in-depth information on key training subjects.

Training Principles Explained

Every coach is always looking for better and more effective ways to train.  Combination of practical experience and fundamental knowledge about different aspects of training process is what allowing coaches to find proper solutions to support their athletes’ needs.  You may not use 3S tools, but you can’t ignore or miss the fundamental theories and most effective methods that drive our results and success.  Find reviews in latest approaches and their effectiveness.

3S Applications in Real Life

3S Platform is used by coaches and athletes all over the world. However, each 3S user is finding his own way to maximize 3S platform value and close the gap in knowledge in some specific areas.  We asked several coaches to describe their own experience and views on 3S and its value.  The also shed a light on HOW 3S tools can be applied in different environments with undeniable success.  We also added some of our own real-life scenarios and stories explaining 3S application in specific scenarios and countries.

Key 3S Elements & Tools

We use multiple concepts and models to deliver our final recommendations.  Every 3S tool is based on generations of elite coaches’ experiences and multi-annual research.  All of hem were tested in real world situations and trimmed to provide exactly what coaches need to achieve top level results.  Here we offer the description of each element and ways to maximize their potential.  And if you still have questions, our experts are prepared to help you with implementation of 3S concept to your program.


08 Feb: 3S Launches New Parametric Set Planner Tool
3S added new Parametric Set Planner to its arsenal of “Power Tools”. The Parametric Set Planner is a true game-changer and one of the most powerful additions to a suit of 3S service in recent years. As a “program within a program”, it allows coaches and users to plan for and manage specific adaptations in real time. Combined with advanced season planner and ability to insert parametric sets into any training day and workout, this feature opened a new level of precision and control withing 3S environment.

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