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Training Process Elements for Optimum Performance

Our “Training Intelligence” ™ tools  intelligently connect your needs with the most effective workouts

Any athlete ability to perform, race or simply be fit is determined by a set of preparedness elements which we define as "Individual Preparedness Structure".

Before we even begin to "formulate" an individual path to a goal, we define preparedness structure using our proprietary tools. So, be assured that you are on the right path from the very beginning
There is no limit to season constructions and strategies with 3S Season Planner. Most capable planner on the market, this tool serves as a heart of your planning decisions. Detailed and capable, it leaves no detail to guessing. More so, your settings are always interconnected with your week and daily distributions and also corresponds to specific daily sets.
Optimized Training Suggestions
Unlike any other offer on the Internet, our daily suggestions are carefully calculated based on your needs to progress and achieve desired results. Just think about it: for over 10 years over 95% of our users are repeatedly achieving their goal results, season after season! You have all reasons to trust 3S suggestions in aspect. You will not be asked to do what is not good for YOU and, and if you just follow our suggestions your results are guaranteed!
3S Training Optimization System is based on individual adaptation management model. The model, which is a result of multi-decade studies, can predict an athlete's progress in response to a specific strategy and particular training exercises. To check real progress, 3S implemented real-time progress evaluation system allowing to check actual progress and compare it with "ideal" trend. Think about it as a training program audit, available to you at any time without excessive tests. You never have to guess with 3S!
3S Tools offer best scenarios based on selected goals and type of athlete. But we also keep our tools open to open user creativity and allow the creation of completely customized solutions. And because you still have the ability to measure the achieved progress in real time, our tools are actually empowering the users to test the efficiency of the selected strategy.
Best Rated Support
While 3S is a great, easy to navigate and use platform, you are never alone with it. 3S experts are always ready to assist you with any aspect of our program, from initial settings to making suggestions on the most effective planning decision. You always can rely on our advice and analysis of your training dilemmas. Think of 3S not just as another gadget, but rather your partner in design and management of the training process!