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3S GEN2 Receive Major Updates


Super Sport Systems platform was always evolving, offering  updates and new features with predictable regularity year after year. The new GEN2 platform is no different.  Today we announcing the first major update to our new platform which was launched just several months ago.

The latest update includes several new features.  Some were requested by our users, while others are absolutely new.  All together, the current updates change the service concept, making it much more useful and easier to use.

GROUPING with swimmers upload from a file

GEN2 platform is now offering Grouping  feature.  While it may sounds easy and expected, the new Grouping concept changes a lot in how the coaches may use it.   Initially, groups in GEN2 platform was offered as separate training entities, with their own season settings and training goals.   The initial version did not allow “nestling” or adding swimmers to groups leaving Group Entities as a guide for anybody coaches wanted to add to that group.  Clearly, it was a half-measure, leaving a lot to desire.

The new Grouping feature changes 3S service architecture and paradigm in several ways.  Now, coaches can upload swimmers from an Excel file which makes swimmers’ registration fast and easy.  More so, you should not worry about the number of swimmers registered to 3S Platform anymore since uploaded/registered swimmers remain in “registered” status and are not considered “Full Training Entities” until you decide to promote them to that status.  In essence, now you can have a cake and eat it at the same time.  The registered swimmers, after they are added to groups, receive their own targets on all elements of the platform, albeit under group planning umbrella.   The Group itself remains a “Full Training Entity” that owns its own seasonal, weekly and daily plans.  The swimmers under the group may be considered as “passengers” on a group season ride, but you will not have to pay for each “registered” swimmer added to the platform anymore.

With this, managing your teams, groups and swimmers is  getting very easy!

Individualized targets

As an outcome of a new grouping concept, we can now offer group workout with individualized targets for each registered swimmer.  The coach can still manage the group workouts, edit plans and re-write the sets.  All the changes then are taken to an individual level, giving each group member its own training parameters.  And of course, any swimmer can be upgraded to a Full Entity status at any time.

Individualized weekly paces

Training is all about paces and we had these discussions with coaches for a long time.  The paces concept, however, can be tricky: one should realize that the “race pace” concept is, how to say it mildly, not necessarily working.  The truth is, to be effective, the training paces should be based on maximum effort times calculated for current week and day and connected with current abilities of each swimmer.  This is actually one of the reasons why 3S platform was so effective all this years.  This time we decided to give coaches exactly what they were requesting: individual paces, by distance, stroke and pool, calculated for each week of the season.  If nothing else, this feature alone is a great reference tool which should allow coaches to further enhance their set designing skills.