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USRPT Method Reviewed

Since the time my article on USRPT was published in “Swimming World” in 2015, the “mystery” around the USRPT method has not disappeared, leading to even more questions about its validity and effectiveness.  The “evidence” claimed by USRPT founders is also not that obvious, since the results among USRPT adopters are mixed and sketchy. The issues with USRPT pointed out in my original article still remain unanswered.  The reviews coming from the professional community and leading sports scientists are hardly favorable either, with most leading sports physiologists disagreeing with USRPT’s approach in general and warning potential users of the very probable negative long-term effects of the program.

The latest direction the USRPT founder is taking focuses on validating USRPT’s application to shorter distances, predominantly 50 and 100 meters/yards (“Sprint USRPT”). The new manuals that appeared on the USRPT site are very generic in nature, and offer banalities as a breakthrough in training science, none of which changes anything in USRPT’s concept or provides any answers to questions raised in my original article.

Because we continue to receive questions about the USRPT method, its effectiveness, and potential inclusion with the 3S platform, I decided to review and reprint the original article in an “author’s uncut” version with some corrections and more detailed explanations as was demanded by time.  I do believe that my comments that were cut from the original publication, are important for proper understanding of the nature and effects of the USRPT method from a training methodology perspective. I stand for every word and comment made in my article, and believe that my evaluation fairly explains the USRPT method for those who are looking for answers about the effects of this approach.