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3S Rowing Module Receives Major Upgrade

Last week 3S rowing training module received a major and long expected upgrade.  The users, both coaches and individual account can now enjoy the ability to save their previous seasons, plan multiple seasons forward and access them on demand at any time.

This feature is directly connected with yet another very important tool – real-time progression analysis using test sets. What it means in practice – coaches and individual users can now plan multiple test sets, enter their test set and competition results into the system and compare them against planned progression.

The importance of this feature is hard to overestimate:  our users received an ability to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of season strategies not just by absolute times in end-season meets and regattas, but also by progression rates achieved in each season, and under specific season construction.  In other words, 3S Progression Evaluation tool now enables you to quantify the quality of any season, compare season strategies and view group progressions, all of which lead to better understanding of season designs and their efficiency.


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