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System Overview

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TRAINING METHODOLOGY is an important component of sports science. It ties together the results of the latest research in exercise physiology, medicine, biomechanics, and biochemistry culminating with practical application in the training process. New findings in those fields, regardless of their importance, cannot be taken out of context of the limitation and rules governing the overall training. To make these findings work, we need to have a clear understanding of the pedagogical principles of training in connection with human adaptation reactions to different stress levels. In other words, we need to have a model of human behavior and be able to determine its response to different stress levels. This knowledge plus the training methods and strategies that are based upon it are an enormous resource for enhancing human performance.

We built our unique platform to help coaches and athletes optimize their training plans for their individual and team goals. Our tools are based on decades of experience and research, serving elite coaches and athletes, and cover the essential needs and daily tasks of EVERY coach or athlete.

With our tools you can design and manage all major coaching tasks, including…

  Planning Individual Performance Progression
Evaluate your athlete’s initial condition AND plan personal results progression for him

Planning Your Season

Plan your entire training season and manage training strategies by season phase


Include and Manage Parametric Training Strategies

Control progression by using parametric training principles >>>


Managing Daily Workouts

Receive, design and administer daily workouts for each athlete or group of athletes


Designing Training Exercises and sets

Design specific training exercises and sets to maximize training effects in each energy zone


Monitoring Progress

Evaluate actual progress using test set planner and progression analyzer >>>


Enhance Performance Through Better Training Process Management!

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