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Training Plans

[three_fourth][h1]Get the results you’ve always wanted![/h1]
Tired of ineffective training and dull performances? Need better results? 3S is your solution! Based on over than 30 years of research and practical experience supporting national level coaches and Olympic athletes, 3S is the most advanced and comprehensive training platform. 3S will never bore you, confuse you, or waste your time with ineffective training. All sets, daily workouts, training strategies, and season plans are completely personalized and fully integrated to maximize results for a single event, a typical season, or even an Olympic cycle. Our online Training Guide will create a detailed season plan, apply effective training strategies and provide you with very clear daily schedules all way up to each individual effort… So if you already know your sport and looking for the most effective training approach to achieve your goals – this is it. We’ll help you to remove guessing from any planning decisions, from season planning to daily sets and exercise selection and guide you to your best even performances…[/three_fourth]

[h4]Select membership plan or contact us if you need special attention. Our training plans are offering the best value in each category and designed to cover your daily training needs.[/h4]

Perfect choice for athletes who are looking for quality training guidance. You already know your sport but need directions and optimum strategy to your goals. Look no further, 3S is offering the most comprehensive set of training tools which will steer you to your goal. Every set and every daily effort is clearly defined based on your needs and goals. Every effort is coordinated in time and designed to produce maximum effect. No hassle, no waiting, no regrets. Simply follow our suggestions and enjoy results!

3S Signature Training Service Details [/one_half]

This license may work better for individuals who require more personal touch and 3S expert involvement into your daily decisions. You will receive access to the same online tools and guidance, but will also enjoy the magic touch of our experts who will fine-tune program settings even further and help you to take full advantage of our already very potent suggestions… Perfect combination for any individual who need additional guidance and expert training advice.

3S Elite Training Service Details [/one_half_last]

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[h5]Unlimited training methodology support is included with any level selected. We will help you set the system, make proper and most effective planing decisions for every athlete in your group, review their progress and make suggestions when you will need “second opinion”. This is a level of service that was available to Elite and National Team coaches only but now you can have it too![/h5][hr]

[h2]Advantages of 3S Approach to Training Over “Conventional” Coaching Services[/h2]
There are numerous advantages offered by 3S training services that you want to consider. First of all, it is important to realize that 3S is a Performance-Oriented training system and therefore is appropriate for anybody who is serious about results. If you know your sport enough to start serious training – we offer the most weighted and effective solution.

3S is based on Training Optimization concept and using proprietary tools insuring that your training is effective and optimal for your goal. Your efforts (exercises) are fully coordinated and progressive – something no one coach can offer without proper planning and management tools, and guess what – we are the industry leaders in this field… In short, you will enjoy the following advantages over “conventional” coaching with your new 3S subscription:


[list_item][h5]PRECISION [/h5]Fully coordinated and precise workouts with target times, distances, rest periods and Heart Rates spelled out for EACH daily effort. Important note here – every training set and effort is designed and calculated just for you. There is no such thing with 3S as somebody’s else training plan or workout. And you should be beware that following cookie cut plans offered many other online provides – is a sure path to failure… [/list_item]
[list_item][h5]SUPPORT[/h5] Access to top level experts – same who guided original research, actually designed the system and implemented it on generations of coaches and athletes worldwide. It is EXACTLY like having top sports scientists working for you behind your back 24/7 with an instant access to them with your questions and concerns [/list_item]
[/check_list] [/one_half]

[list_item][h5]CONVENIENCE[/h5]Immediate access to premiere Training Design Tools – the very same as elite coaches are using to train their athletes[/list_item]
[list_item][h5]PRICE VS. QUALITY RATIO[/h5] Our service is priced at a fraction of conventional personal coaching fees. “Personal coaching” can be expensive. It is not unusual to see personal coaching fees starting at $300 and higher. And while you may receive personal attention (not always), the quality of that attention is questionable at best and varies from coach to coach. Remember, we teach coaches and we know coaches and understand what they can and can’t do. On a contrary, 3S service is always highly individualized, very precise and impartial. And if what you need is weekly and daily training suggestions – nobody can beat our service by price, integrity and quality… Simply put – if you need a high-end, science-based, performance-oriented training plan or solution – 3S is your best bet! [/list_item][/check_list][/one_half_last]


So, what are you waiting for? The best way to explore our service is to start using it!

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