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3S at CSCAA Annual Convention

Dr. Sergei Beliaev Melikov,  Super Sport Systems’ founder will attend CSCAA annual convention in Orlando next week.

Early this year, 3S launched its long awaited Next Generation, 3S GEN2 platform.  We believe that 3S’s new platform is truly a game changer when it comes to managing your swimmers and groups, and making training planning decisions and simply managing training process with highest level of precision.

The new 3S platform is already known for giving users the ability to connect training goals with the individual physiological needs of swimmers at any point in the season.  This ability alone is beyond anything available on today’s market.

Sergei will be available to coaches who want to learn more about the new 3S platform, and be prepared to engage in discussions on training philosophies and methodology.

You can learn more by checking our platform for free.  Simply use the link below to request absolutely FREE, NO OBLIGATION one month trial and experience the 3S GEN2 potential first hand.