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Simply put, our training design and planning tools are very simple to use and flexible enough to accommodate ANY planning need at the same time.All you need to do to start – is to fill in just couple of fields:Once you define your performance goals and key season dates our Season Planning tool will get busy creating a comprehensive and unique season plan.  The process is very comprehensive and is based on very serious research.  Every step is automated and within seconds you will receive access to the best and most complete training plan you ever had.The plans are very specific to your performance goals and time schedules.  More so, we already embed the strategies which have beentested and proven successful with several generations of Olympic Athletes.  In fact, our strategy will help you and your
athletes to achieve planned results, with greater than a 90% probability of success!The present version of our 3S Planning Tool ™ is only adjustable for the length of your
current season. We have tested an optimum season planning process for the ability to provide various
options in building your plan, for several decades. However, we realize that each athlete’s situation
is unique. Therefore, we are in the process of preparing another valuable feature for our elite level
coaches, which will allow maximum flexibility in the overall planning process. Currently, this feature
is available as an off-line service. Please contact us if you want access to this additional service.
Our certified experts will be ready to assist you in this process.To learn more about proper planning methods and tools, please check our website for
3S’ Coaching Seminars that will be coming to your area. The dates and locations will be announced
on our site and in our monthly 3S Newsletter, which you can sign up for on the front page of our site,