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[callout2]Random Workouts VS. “Coordinated” [/callout2]
There are plenty of random workouts published on the Internet and in different publications.  The authors are trying to connect suggested sequence of sets with athletes’ age or their “needs”.  So, what is missing in this picture?   Why don’t you just go ahead and select the random workouts for each training you have?

The reality, as usual, is much more complex.  Sport is a very competitive environment.  Achieving desired goals, whether it is simple improvement of general endurance or a victory at prestigious event – is not a simple or easy task.   More so, the time you have to improve your performance is always limited and you can not afford doing any training work which does not bring your closer to your final goal or, even worse, derail your preparation.  Simple fact is – you can not use random or somebody else workout in order to achieve your individual goals.  More so, you should view and distinguish EACH workout by the effect it will produce and place it takes in overall scheme of work…    In other words  training process should be always specific and needs to be designed to address your specific conditions and goals, all way to single effort on each training day.

[callout2]How we create your workouts? [/callout2]
Preparation of individual workouts specific for each athlete needs is not a simple task.  It is not unusual for coaches to spend day a week just to prepare a weekly plan.  By the end of the day any weekly plan and daily workout should meet the following standards:

  • Be coordinated with previous AND future weeks by volume (distances), intensity and direction of workload in each functional component of preparation
  • Address immediate needs (on a weekly scale) in development of functions which are critical for current preparation phase
  • Include training sets (on a daily level) which are most efficient in achieving desired progression
  • Keep balance between effort offered and between sessions time required to recover from immediate stresses.  We usually address this feature as “density of training load”
  • Keep track of  daily training intensities on a regular basis

If you follow this logic, it is easy to realize that an automated method to balance all needs is better then “manual”, one day a week exercise.  Besides, this approach simply saves a lot of time, increases specificity, precision and, as an end result, efficiency of training regimen.  Yet another component which is usually interfering with quality of workouts – is an emotional component.  Coaches are inspired by fast performances and efforts and want to see even more of them every practice.   And that is exactly where it is easy to cross the line and push athlete beyond his need on a specific day.  In other words, discipline is required not only at athlete, but also at a coach level.   Automated systems allows to control this aspect very well.  And when it comes to automated systems,  there is really not that much to compare with Super Sport Systems’ technology.   But do not take our word for it – subscribe for a free trial and test it yourself!