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Season Planner

Season plans determine the direction, duration and strategy of training process.  Every season plan MUST be unique and tuned up to address the individual needs and goals of specific athlete.  In essence every season plan can be viewed as an individual map and a guide to a dream performance.   Preparing a good plan takes a lot of time for any coach.  Preparing a plan that will allow reaching a dream result for a specific athlete or a team at specific time in future – is a skill that is usually built on tremendous knowledge and experience.  But even with such experience,  season plan preparation is a tedious and time consuming process, something most athletes can not afford or even get regardless of resources they may have.

The lack of good plan is leading to sleepless nights filled with worry and dread over the decisions coaches made and athletes who train on their own (a vast majority of  master athletes), can not avoid under or over training.

But having a top-notch professionally built training plan designed to meet your individual needs is no longer an issue with Makrotona Training Design tools.   Based on most advanced Super Sport Systems studies and protocols, Makrotona season plans are smart, flexible and precise.   More so, they are also automatically coordinated with your weekly and daily training loads providing a clear guide to your success.

With our Season Planning Tool it only takes seconds to:

  • Select the best training strategy to reach your goals
  • Sync your best performance days with your most important events
  • Adjust your training to accommodate for injury, illness, or meet dates
  • Calculate the required weekly progression needed to reach your target time

There is a reason why Olympic coaches are using our Training Design concept and season plan tools.   Our proprietary tools can accommodate ANY planning need or desire.  Tested and proven by generations of Olympic coaches and athletes, our tool creates a complete periodized season in seconds. You can then choose from proven training strategies to find the most effective one for your situation.

[callout2]HOW TO USE PLANNING TOOL[/callout2]
Our tools are designed to be used by any coach or individual athlete.  All you need to do is tell us the most important event dates of your season and your prior training and results history.  This information is enough to build an individual training plan which means that you can have an instant access to it.   Once  the plan is built, our Advance Training Design tools allow infinite flexibility at adjust and fine tune your plan to your needs.

You do not have to be an expert to create a decent plan with our tools since the we already embed the most effective strategies to work in background.   However, our experts are only a call or email message away and ready to assist you with creating the most effective plan in your particular situation.

[callout2]BOTTOM LINE: the benefits of having a sound Makrotona season plan[/callout2]

  • Remove guessing out of your training direction and process
  • Stay on target with coordinated weekly and daily efforts designed to contribute to your ability to reach the goal
  • Save time on preparing individual plans for every athlete on your team (and YES, we do it for you automatically!)
  • Enjoy ability to make changes to your plans and still remain on target to your goal
  • Enjoy effective training strategies built into every plan (our parametric training concept is a part of every plan!)