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Results Progression

[callout2]Why Results  Progression Plan Are Important? [/callout2]

Just face it, before you start any training cycle, you need to establish the level of your current physical abilities and also define realistic goals for future.   While this may sound like a simple task, evaluation of present condition, establishing beginning training intensity and setting the rate of progression for any given time period – is a task all coaches need to address one way or another.   The ultimate goal – is to forecast the precise character and rate of results progression in time.

There are number of ways how one can approach this task and Super Sport Systems developed a proprietary method which is now proven by generation of coaches and athletes all over the world.   Our “Results Dynamics” tool is a very powerful feature that connects the optimum rate of change of target physiological mechanisms under specific stress factors with most effective training means that are causing such change.  It may sounds complex and, with all honesty – it is.   However with us you do not have to be a sports scientists to use our tools effectively – we do it for you in background with surgical precision.   Having this said, you are still in full control since we offer you tools to manipulate any data point which will affect the process and progression itself.

[callout2]My Plan and Progression is Based on … What?[/callout2]

Let us say that we understand the importance of results progression planning.   But here is a catch: which philosophy or system of knowledge do you apply to plan your results?  The truth is that “classic” Periodization Theory does not allow for intelligent management of training process at quantitative level.  From the other hand, in absence of such methods the intelligent planing and management of training process is hardly possible.

We employ proprietary methodology which came of results of comprehensive and focused studies in methodology of sports training and exercise physiology.  We then tested our concepts and theories on generations of elite athletes.  It is safe to state that knowledge we possess and apply in our system is unique and unprecedented.   More so, data accumulated serving thousand of coaches and tens of thousands of athletes worldwide allowed us to further fine-tune our protocols.

The result is clear: to manage the training process effectively one need clear and systematic knowledge in this area.  After over 40 years working at the cutting edge in our industry, we accumulated knowledge which allowed us to build our system.   If you are reading this text – you are on right path to your success!

[callout2] Tools to Plan, Tools to Evaluate[/callout2]

It is nice to have results progression plan.  But how do you know that your planned progression is not just a wishful thinking or unrealistic  goal?  Well, that is where you can find yet another shining component of 3S.  Our tools allow not only to plan progression, but also to evaluate it in real time through application of sophisticated test sets which are already embedded into the program.  You may not even know if this is a test, however if you will record your standard effort and your reactions to it, we will be able to connect the data and tell you if you are “on curve”…   Simple, Effective, Progressive.