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We offer unparalleled online coaching support services to individual athletes at all levels of competition. Initially designed to support Olympic level coaches and athletes in manual mode, our services have been further enhanced and automated to allow highly individualized and flexible service to any professional or sports participant who needs top quality training methodology support.

We haven’t taken any shortcuts. Our tools and methodology are currently being used by a number of elite coaches and athletes in several sports. Our experts are currently working as active consultants for several national and Olympic coaches. All of our data and recommendations are based on solid and proven research that has been accumulated and tested during the past several decades.

Your ability to safely achieve desired results in an optimum way is our utmost concern. We are committed to offering you the highest possible level of individual support and service, and are ready to go the extra mile to discuss all training related issues with you. 3S’ certified coaches and experts are always ready to answer your questions and address any of your concerns. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

Makrotone service and underlying Super Sport Systems (3S) methodology is pretty comprehensive and is based on latest research and studies in the field of Theory and Methodology of Sports Training.  You do not have to be an expert to use our service, however, our materials and articles may help you to have a better grasp of the system and the thoughts behind it.   Please view our service and relations as a professional partnership.  We publish these materials to express our thoughts on the subject and most definitely would appreciate your comments to them.  But first please check what we have, and even better, try if it does work for you.


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You may obtain access to Makrotona library by subscribing to “Makrotona Club”.  The following materials are currently available to our “Members Only” section of the site:


  • What Is Behind 3S Coaching Tools And Services 

  • Success In Sport And Fitness 


  • Assessing Fatigue Levels of Athletes


  • Evaluation Methods

  • Preparedness Structure 


  • History of Periodization  

  • Season Planning Systems Comparison (USA Swimming VS. 3S System)  

  • How to Build a Season Plan  

  • Season Planning Tips  


  • Entering Into A Season  

  • First Three Weeks

  • Starting the New Season on a Right Note  

  • Transition Between Season Phases

  • Taper  


  • Training With 3S: Comparison of Different Trajectories of Results Progression ( Example of Chelsea Nauta, 2004 US National Champion,  and Brooke Boncher, 2004 Olympic Trialist .  


  • Parametric Training Method:  Dispelling The Myths (Managing   Parameters of Sports Training) 

  • Parametric Training Concept Evolvement (Four Strategies)

  • Efficiency Of Parametric Training Method During The Annual Training Cycle In Swimmers (Gordon, Starodubceva)  

  • Parametric Training Experience (Matt Kredich)  


  • Interpretation And Composition Of Daily Workouts In Super Sport Systems 

  • Warm-up and Cool-down

  • Coach George Kennedy: My Translation Of 3S Workouts In Preparatory Season 

  • Selection Of Rest Intervals In Training Sets