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Our Cascade Planning technique is a practical application of Parametric Training theory. It prepares athletes better for the kind of “long” season that is typical in collegiate competition, and also provides an effective solution to situations where we need to address a specific goal during a particular training phase in the overall season plan.

Since we conceptualized and introduced this option in 2007, over 80% of our collegiate swimming coaches have switched to a Cascade Season Plan, and have used one ever since they made the change. And for good reason.

Cascade planning opens the door to additional opportunities in athletic development, and performance reserves that were not available before it. In practical terms coaches report that using cascade planning has resulted in solid mid-season quality performances with additional opportunities for improving results even more by the end of the full season.  The cascade planning technique works extremely well in other sports as well.  We constantly apply this planning for smoother transition between erg and on water seasons and inside a summer season.  The results achieved by our users speaks for themselves…

If the athlete(s) need to perform at their peak at the end of the first cascade, however, cascade planning may not be appropriate. But when used, it allows more time to build aerobic capacity and provides a better transition to the “completion phase” (where you need stable and solid performances) towards the end of your collegiate season.


Cascade planning takes advantage of the key and most profound parametric training effect… the character of “adaptation reaction” to a specific training strategy. This is accomplished in practice by combining two separate season plans, each of which accomplishes its own particular task.

Visually, a cascade training plan may look something like this.

Pic 1. Cascade Season, 27 weeks.

As you can see cascade planning lets you apply completely different training strategies in each phase. But this of course depends on your goals, and the specific development needs of your athletes. There are other advantages to this season construction as well, which we will see in a moment.


Cascade Planning technique is a very useful and powerful approach allowing maximization of particular functions without complete physical and mental drain often occurred in long traditionally-built seasons.  With cascade coaches have more time to address specific needs of their athlete and have more control over overall development and progression of their athletes.

Cascade planning concept is based upon Parametric Training principles and allow to extend the duration of parametric inclusion into a season, which is always brings positive results.  If comfort and predictability in achieving goal results is your concern – look for further, join 3S and enjoy our platform.