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[callout font_size=”14px” style=”grey”]Your success in sport is often depends on advise you rely upon.  And if you will check our story you may see the reasons why many of the best and most successful coaches and athletes are relying on our services and trusting them in their daily training decisions.  Simply put, you can trust the methods and tools that works and already helped  thousands of athletes to achieve their best.  Start changing your future by applying the most advanced and effective training strategies and methods!
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[h4]Few facts which you may be interested to know about our Company and its users:[/h4]

  • Founded in 2001 with only 5 users first year, Super Sport Systems supported over 3500 coaches over the last 10 years, over 20,000 athlete/seasons
  • With services offered first just in the US in one sport (swimming) only, today 3S is extended its services to coaches in more then 35 countries in multiple sports, including team sports such as field hockey, lacrosse and soccer in addition to its “core” endurance sports such as swimming, rowing, cycling, running and triathlon
  • 3S customers’ base is growing primarily through the word of mouth, from one success story to another
  • Over 90% of coaches and elite competitive individual athletes are returning back to 3S or continuing subscription from year to year for the last 10 years
  • Over 70% of 3S users are professional coaches who are relying on this service in their daily work
  • On average 3S tools help coaches to achieve personal best results in over 90% of their athletes, consistently from season to season
  • 3S coaches as a group experiencing higher satisfaction with their profession as well as more rapid professional growth regardless of level they coach
  • “Average” 3S coach experiencing national level results after 12 month of working with 3S tools, regardless of their previous experience
  • Our youngest “self coached” athlete-swimmer was only 9 years old when he grew just in one season to 6 national titles in South Africa
  • Our “oldest” young athlete is 76 years old today and preparing to his next national champion title in rowing ergometer event (CRASH-B)
  • After assisting over 30 Olympic and World medalists prior to going public, 3S online service helped over 30 athletes in several sports in several countries to claim their national titles. This is not to mention three Olympic medals won by 3S-coached athletes in Beijing and at least six Olympians from four countries
  • 3S experience was shared at top international and national professional forums conducted under IOC Congress in Moscow (2008), FINA, International Olympic Solidarity committee, USA Rowing, Russian National Sports University, etc.
  • In 2012 alone, 3S coaches won 11 “Coach of the Year” awards and delegated at least 5 athletes from 4 countries to Olympic Games in London so far.

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