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Our online suite of “Training Design Tools” makes it amazingly easy to create a winning season for an individual athlete or a whole team of any age or ability. So if you are looking for a better way to coach… this is it. We’ll help you to remove guessing from any planning decisions, from season planning to daily sets and exercise selection[/three_fourth]

[h4]Select from our three pre-packaged membership plans or contact us to build a custom license just for you. Our packages are offering the best value in each category and will cover your coaching needs regardless of choice.[/h4]


Designed to offer you access to Elite set of tools but for only small group of athletes, up to 5 actually. Great way to start using and learning 3S! Perfect for coaches with parents who need training guidance to self-coach their children. Full 3S support is included.

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High School or Club Coach? Need just basic set of tools with clear guidance but without full sophistication of training management? This license can be just for you… Train your athletes with piece in mind and move to the next level when you and your athletes are ready.

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This package includes all the latest and best 3S tools and designed to accommodate 20+ athletes to bring your cost per athlete per month down to absolute minimum. Unprecedented value combined with acclaimed quality… Perfect combination for any club, collegiate or a National coach.
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[h5]Unlimited training methodology support is included with any level selected. We will help you set the system, make proper and most effective planing decisions for every athlete in your group, review their progress and make suggestions when you will need “second opinion”. This is a level of service that was available to Elite and National Team coaches only but now you can have it too![/h5]


So, what are you waiting for? The best way to explore our service is to start using it!


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5 Reasons Why 3S Training Design Tools Improve Your Efficiency and Results…
[list_item]We deliver effective individually built training plans which serves as a daily guide instead of a wishful guess[/list_item]
[list_item]We provide precise and coordinated amount of workload in each Energy Zone[/list_item]
[list_item]We define every effort and set and coordinate them with others on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis to achieve maximum efficiency[/list_item]
[list_item]We provide tools to measure actual individual progressions[/list_item]
[list_item]We offer explanations why our methods works and how to apply them to achieve maximum results. Best practical coaches’ education tool ever![/list_item][/star_list]

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