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Intensity Calculators

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Do you know the right training distances and intensity levels you need to reach optimum training effect? If you don’t, we can nail these for you with absolute scientific precision! [/callout]

The key to successful training lies in being able to choose just the right training exercises by distance and relative intensity. And training the specific energy producing mechanisms of our body in the proper sequence will make us faster, allow us to endure higher speed over a longer period of time, and will also give us the ability to recover faster when we need it. Coaches often talk about “training in the right zone”, but this can also be viewed as hitting your training targets. Your daily sets can then be viewed as stressors that will create a desirable effect in each critical training zone, assuming that the right combination between distance, speed and rest is selected.

Working intervals, target paces (aka speed) and rest periods are critical parameters that need to be adjusted to your personal training needs on a daily basis. So how exactly do you select your sets? And what process does your coach use to decide on these for you?

These are important questions to ask, because your success… or lack of it… depends on your answer. Unfortunately, most coaches don’t have a viable process to calculate any of this and either fly by the seat of their pants or by what their coaches taught them.

Either way, you lose. But you’ll always be a winner with the precise calculations Makrotone tools can deliver. With them you’ll not only get the right daily targets, but also the best sequence, balance, and placement of efforts throughout your season.

And this is no idle boost. That’s why coaches and athletes all over the world rely on us season after season to produce consistent results with athletes of any level. Skeptical? Then try Makrotone for yourself and see exactly how we’ve been able to help other coaches jump-start their careers.

The “Intensity Calculator” below is just one of the many exclusive tools you get with a Makrotone subscription. You’ll find it’s an easy way to do some very complicated calculations. Just select your sport, answer a few simple questions, and Bingo… get the exact training targets you’ll need to produce the optimum training effect you want!

And if you like this… just wait ‘til you try some of our other tools!

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