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Individual Progressive Targets

receive progressive targets for each swimmer or group
Why progressive targets are important?

Coaches use different techniques to identify and calculate effective training paces in their daily activities. In the ideal world, the most effective paces should be set at a threshold of individual ability at a given preparation period. To calculate proper paces, we should know the current full-effort times on distances.   

Our methods allow us to calculate optimum progression dynamics in the season and offer a natural progression curve as a reference point for pace calculation at any given time. This makes our paces very precise and effective for achieving the desired training effect.  

This tool is now available in the Smart  Paces Pro mobile web application.



how to use this powerful tool

The main advantage of Smart Paces Pro is its ability to use individual results progressions for groups and individual swimmers under the groups.   To achieve this,  the user can register groups and swimmers using the app (the number of allowed groups and swimmers is limited by selected license).

Each group can have its own season settings, while swimmers added to a specific group “inherit” group season settings while keeping their individual time targets.  This way, we can calculate individual paces both for the whole group and for each swimmer.  

To start using he App, select the “Group” icon at the bottom navigation pane, and select “Add New Group” or “Add New Swimmer” button.



how to use Training Set Planner




It is important to note that your sets will be relevant ONLY if the reference time selected in the App Settings section is realistic and close to the swimmer’s CURRENT ability.  Setting targets above (faster) current abilities will make these sets damaging both in the short and long term perspective.