three reasons why you want to consider 3S platform and tools

3S Platform is designed to produce highly individualized training elements from simple initial information. It takes less then three minutes to receive all necessary components of training guidance, from a detailed season plan, to a week loads distribution, and finally, to a daily workouts. All of them designed just for you!
Our designs are coming from a decades of research, accumulated knowledge of generation of Olympic coaches and proprietary (AND WNNINING!) training concepts and ideas. Do not make a mistake - 3S Platform embeds all latest training technology to produce maximum changes in individual performance.
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No coach should even start a new season without a detailed step-by-step plan: from season to a daily workout. We developed the industry most powerful planning tools allowing every coach to receive highly individualized training suggestions. Subscribe and receive precise training loads and goals for every season, week and workout.

We cover the needs of every coach or athlete

Having a solid training plan and pre-set workouts is a simple requirement every coach needs in his daily work.  These tasks are not as easy as they seem and can be time-consuming.   According to statistics, less than 40% of coaches in the US appear on the deck without any plan at all.  And the quality of the existing plans we reviewed, is raising brows.   The key element missing in almost all plans we saw – is an absence of progressions in loads and paces.

With 3S you receive carefully distributed training loads and coordinated workouts for each swimmer or group.  This coordination and targeting start with a season plan then offer loads distribution for each week, and finally,  calculates sets with clear individualized targets for each set.

You are in good hands with 3S!

Season Planner

Never start a new season without a solid plan!  3S Interactive Season Planner provides highly customized Olympic-grade plans for any level or situation.   With 3S tools, you can plan and manage training cycles using our unique “Training Cycle Planner”.   You may select “Sequential” or “Cascade” construction (3S proprietary).   You may not know, but all collegiate coaches using 3S during the last decade were actually benefiting from this option. And their results speak louder than any statements.


Once you have a season plan, you still need to take the next step and distribute planned loads between training days and sessions.  This task is extremely important since athletes’ progress directly depends on their ability to accept the suggested workloads on one hand and recover from them before the next load, on another.   3S tools provide you just with this knowledge and suggestions.  Subscribe and receive the optimum loads’ distribution regardless of your specific training schedule.

Daily workouts

Daily workouts and set selection are critical if you want to achieve maximum training effect after each training session.  And therefore every training set and workout should be designed to address the individual needs of your swimmers on the day of its application.   3S workouts include the most effective training sets in each training zone.  This is the best recipe to improve individual performance.   Be assured that every 3S set is designed to produce the best results every day.

coaches trusting 3S for over a decade

start your season with an optimized training plan

and enjoy the progress with the most advanced training design tools

Performance Analyzer
We analyze individual performance structure and guide its development in a direction consistent with your goals. The proper Performance Structure guarantees maximum precision for designing sets and paces for every effort on any distance and stroke!
Interactive Season Planner
Season plan is arguably the most important component of your future success. If it is done correctly, it serves as a compass and a guide, allowing to manage adaptations in the desired direction. 3S Season Planner - is THE most comprehensive tool in the industry. You will receive highly individualized training plan you can trust!
Workouts Generator
3S workouts are composed to produce the maximum training effect in the specific area of your performance. Every effort is well defined and includes training goals based on your current needs and abilities. More so, every daily effort is coordinated with other efforts in any particular week to produce the desired progress.
Progress Evaluation
With 3S, you receive not only highly optimized and precise training suggestions but also tools to measure the direction and rate of your actual progress in real time. No more worries whether you are on the right path to success: simply follow suggestions, enter results of a test set(s) and view your position on results progression curve!