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Free Trial Confirmation : Rower


Your request for a FREE Trial has been approved.  You can now test drive Super Sport Systems Training Design Tools and Professional Training Support Services FREE for the next two weeks.

To get the most out of your FREE Trial, we suggest that you…

  1. Submit your personal or test athlete information and we will set your test athlete profile and optimize your season training settings and workouts.
  2.  Contact us via email or just call us at (804) 519-1201 for a FREE walkthrough with our Expert. Our specialists will answer any questions you may have about our training methodology, show you how to use our interactive tools, and help you adjust the system and workouts so they lead your athletes to desired results. We will help you to interpret workouts, set effective season plans, and select appropriate training strategies. This free service is available at 9-6 pm EST, or:
  3. Explore the system on your own, visit our educational materials and articles, accumulate your questions and send them to us at any time when you are ready. Just Click Here to E-mail us your questions or request any assistance with our service. Our response time is 24 hours or less depending on email volume.


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Select Your Sport: Rowing (coach or individual Sculler, Rower, or Indoor Rower depending on your license)
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For additional HELP please browse our Resources, or contact us for assistance.

Wishing you the very best this season,

Sergei Beliaev, Ph.D.
President of Super Sport Systems