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Q:  What is MAKROTONE?

A:  The word MAKROTONE comes from the Greek word “Makrotonia”, which in direct translation means “optimum physical performance”.   This describes EXACTLY what we are committed to professionally and also reflects on our mission – to assist every athletes and coach to achieve his personal and professional best.

Q:  What Will Makrotone Tools and Services Will Do For Me?

A:  Makrotone tools and services are based on a proprietary platform designed to optimize training plans and workouts to a desired level of performance.   In essence, we calculate the optimum training plans with the provision of specific and coordinated daily workouts and training exercises, which are the shortest way to your desired level of performance and success.   The tools work equally well for coaches and athletes of all skill and fitness levels.   You can view Makrotone service as your ultimate online training assistant or guide designed to provide training support information for individual athletes and decision making support tools for coaches.    

Q:  Where Did Makrotone Get Its Knowledge?  Can it Be Trusted?

A:  Makrotone’s knowledge base comes from decades of research in the field of Methodology of Sports Training, the science which is based on sports pedagogy, exercise physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics and human anatomy.  The research focus was on studying optimum human performance in practically all Olympic sports.  The scope and depth of research sponsored by a nation was unprecedented in the history of sports science.  Many contemporary training theories which are commonly used by coaches all over the world were first developed and introduced to practice of sports as a result of this work.   Makrotone and Super Sport Systems’s founders were a part of that elite sports-science group.  Makrotone protocols are based on the results of proprietary studies which were not previously well know in the West, but were successfully used by Former Soviet Union coaches and athletes.  The results of this research were tested on generations of elite athletes before they were incorporated into proprietary Makrotone codes.  The protocols have been open to public and selected professionals since 2002 and were tested by American coaches since than.   Today, after 10 years on the market, Makrotone services are considered the “professional choice of champions”.   But amateurs can use it and benefit from it as well. In fact our users range in age from 9 to 83. And all claim undeniable joy and success.

Q:  It Sounds Like Makrotone Tools Are Very Sophisticated.  Do I Need to Be an Expert in Exercise Science to Use Your Service?

A:  While Makrotone tools are based on solid and sophisticated science, its users don’t have be scientists to use them.   With our tools you will receive the information which is truly necessary for the successful management of your training. Each tool will provide you with information that will allow you to manage every aspect of your training process, from season planning to the calculation and management of daily sets and workouts.  You can also put our tools on “auto-pilot” and they will guide you to your optimum training path. And if you would like to stay in control adn manually make adjustments to your training program, they offer that capability as well. So anybody interested in proper training can use Makrotone tools, and enjoy the best results possible in any situation.

Q:  I am Interested In Achieving Specific Goals.  How Effective is Makrotone?

A:  By definition, Makrotone service is results oriented.   The results themselves can be different, and may vary from person to person. However providing an optimum path to your goals is what we do best.   Historically, our tools were designed to serve the elite coaches and athletes.   We are used to dealing with very high-end demands, where there is no alternative to victory.    Our tools were designed to provide users with a competitive advantage through cutting edge training methods.   Later, we converted this experience into automated tools that were designed to do exactly the same thing – produce planned results every time the system is used.   We are proud to report that after ten years of serving thousands of coaches in over 40 countries, over 90% of our users have achieved personal best results season after season.   Apart from our internal evaluation, which some people may consider biased,  this last season more than a dozen US collegiate coaches using our tools received “Coach of The Year” awards from their PEERS.  To us that alone speak about the quality of coaching our tools may offer to anyone interested in enhancing his professional skills and knowledge.

Q: I am a parent of an aspiring athlete and I am looking for individually tuned,  results-oriented training guidance.  Is your service designed to help me?

A:  Makrotone service is perfect for self or parent-coached athletes.  In fact, we see more and more parents coming to us every year. With our service you will receive clear and precise day-to-day guidance that has been customized to your individual abilities and needs. In addition, we stand behind our service and are ready to help you adjust advanced settings when necessary to prepare for important events. And we are proud to say that we have been able to meet the expectations of our self-coached athletes, including:

  • Oliver Koen, a South African swimmer, claimed 9 National records in two years with Makrotone. Oliver trained by himself (with the help of his Mom), since he was living on a remote farm.
  • Jennifer Hughes, a New Zealand rower, went from being a novice to a Junior National team rower in two years!
  • Mark Osborne, German Under 17 National Lightweight Champion, beat nearly all the heavyweights as well after training under Makrotone guidance and is now a proud member of the German Junior National team.
  • Valerie, mother or a self-coached California swimmer, had this to say about her daughter’s performance:” We went to our Championship meet and Jennifer swam her best times in 5 of the 8 events she swam. She had even added in prelims to still be able to come back in finals and drop 3 seconds in her 200 Back and 2 seconds in her 100 Breast. We have had coaches at the swim meet in awe of what my daughter is doing “by herself”.

Of course we have many other success stories just like these, but you probably get the picture.

Q: It Appears That My Son (Daughter) Does Not Receive Proper Training and Attention in His Club. Can I Use Your Service in Conjunction With My Club Training?

A: It may be detrimental to use our service in conjunction or in addition to your club training program, whatever it may be. The problem is in coordination of training loads between Makrotone suggested and your club coach. Makrotone training is very focused and designed to provide optimum distances and intensities for every training session. As such, additional training may lead to over training, especially when it is not coordinated by training phase and direction (strategy). The ideal solution in this situation – is to invite your club coach to a conference with our experts or another Makrotone participating coaches. You may find the list of coaches by clicking here

There is another angle to this dilemma: you can use Makrotone suggestions as a valid reference point. This is possible due to the fact that Makrotone is offering de-facto optimized training program and strategy for a specific results and in application to a particular athlete.   Therefore, optimized plan can be viewed as an ideal path.  The difference between Makrotone suggestions and your club coach plan may tell you something about the quality of training program in your club.

Q:  I am living in a Remote Area and Have a Limited Travel Budget. Can I Still Use Your Tools And Learn More About Them ?

A:  Our tools were designed to provide the same quality of training support to every user, regardless of his geographical location.  Today our services are used with equal effectiveness by individual athletes in different sports located next door and as far as across the world,  in New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.   In fact, our service are perfect for anyone who needs extra personal assistance.  As long as you have Internet connection, you You will receive 100% of our services’ benefits.

Q: Do I Need a Credit Card or Other Payment Information to Start testing Your Service?

A: Absolutely NOT! In fact, we want you to be absolutely comfortable with our service BEFORE you make your decision to join our services. Therefore, we are offering additional support in the form of walk through’s over the phone and direct email communication with our experts. Please remember that we measure our success by individual successes of our users and we always treat you as our valuable asset.

Q: I used other online training services and after some time I felt that the quality of service is vanishing and I am left on my own. How is your approach different?

A: You are never alone with Makrotone service. Whether you need an account setup support or consultation on your progression – our experts are always a click or call away from you. You will have at least three layers of support available to you:

  • Makrotone Experts is the first and immediate tier of your support. You will always communicate with a live person at level of “certified 3S Expert” if not one of the founders of Makrotone.
  • You can always contact another Makrotone user through a forum. You will be surprise how much help you will get through our community.
  • You can access our online support materials, video tutorials, articles and even the Certification course which are designed to provide in-depth information about different aspects of our process and tools

Q: “Who designed the 3S Training Programs?”
A:   All Makrotone programs were designed by a group of prominent sports-scientists who dedicated their life-long careers to uncovering the secrets of sports training. After the initial design was finalized, it was tested by the best coaches in different countries and further adjusted based on their recommendations. So, with Makrotone you have the best of both worlds: the science and knowledge coming from elite sports scientists and practical applications and suggestions made by Olympic coaches… In addition to that, many sports theories you have heard about were actually invented by our group! The results of our research were applied to training generations of elite athletes in all Olympic Sports with numerous World and Olympic victories.  Super Sport System is now making this knowledge available to you for a fraction of the cost that went into make this training program possible…

Q: “When I buy a 3S Training Program, how do you deliver it to me?”
A:  Immediately after you susbcribe to a service you will receive a unique user name and password to your personal online training control center. You’ll have 24/7 access to all your training information and our proprietary tools, just login and enjoy!


Q:  I am an athlete and I am looking just for training guidance. Which account may work best for my needs?

A:  We have two (in some cases three) options for individual athletes.  The main difference between them is in amount of analytical and training progress monitoring tools.  The main portion of our service – i.e. the training guidance itself is the same regardless which license you will select.  In other words, the quality of your training plan and workouts is never compromised with any choice you will make.

Q:  I am training indoor only using rowing, cycling and  cardio-fitness equipment.  Is your system equipped to support my training and provide goals which are not necessarily competitive?

A:  Our protocols are tested on stationary equipment and pretty much any equipment type can be used in conjunction with our training suggestions.  In case if your goals are not focused on optimum or best athletic performance, you still need a proper and healthy way to train.  Makrotone system is flexible enough to accommodate any training strategy, from Olympic level results to sound and effective cardio-fitness programs.  In fact, endurance training (read “aerobic training type” is something we understand best.  Our Parametric training method is arguably the most effective among known today when it comes to endurance training.  So, you are in good hands regardless of your aspirations.

Q:  I am a former athlete and I feel that I do not need additional coach assistance. All I need is a sound training plan and daily suggestions.  Can you help?

A:  Absolutely!  This is actually exactly what we do.  With our service you9 will receive the industry best training plan with day-to-day, effort-by-effort guidance.  You already experienced structured training effect and have adequate understanding of your body mechanics.  Most likely a sound training plan is all you need to improve your performance.   If this is a goal – then you are in a right place!

Q:  Do I need medical clearance to participate in your program?
A:  Any physical exercise program can be viewed as a stress.  As such, you need to be reasonably healthy to participate in any physical activities.  Some conditions are known to limit our ability to sport participation.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor if your condition is adequate for strenuous physical exercise.  Please read our User Agreement carefully before starting your training program with us.

Q:  Is there a minimum number of service (in terms of duration)  I have to pre-pay?  Are there any sort of  cancellation fees or early termination penalties? 

A: We can help you to set up a month-by-month recurring billing account which you can cancel, suspend or terminate at any time.  All you have to do – is send us an email message or give us call.  There are no hidden fees of any sort, including cancellation fees with Makrotone.  We want you to be happy with our service and are prepared to do everything possible to achieve this goal!


Q:  What is the difference between “coach” and “individual” accounts?

A: Coach account is designed to allow coaches manage multiple, actually unlimited number of athletes and groups which individual account is treated as a single training unit.  Since coach account dealing with individual athletes and groups, it also have additional training management center allowing to create and manage workouts for groups of athletes and still be able to view individual targets in group sets.  The group management functions is also equipped with “workout library” – a depository of pre-created and saved workouts which coach can access and use for any of his training days on his call.  When a saved workout is used, the individual targets are still re-calculated by the system to match individual progression needs.

Q:  I am a coach, but I want to start using your program with only couple of my athletes.   Do I have to buy a standard group plan or you have special offers that may accommodate my needs?
A:  In fact, we do have a perfect solution for you.  Our licenses for coaches are “two-component”:  the consists of a coach and athlete fees.  The coach fee is introduced because Makrotone is bringing an intrinsic educational value and professional benefits even if we do not market them.  With our custom license approach you may have any number of athletes, starting actually from just one.

Q:  I am a coach and I want to give an online access to workouts in your system to my athletes.  Is it possible?

A:  Yes, a coach have full control over “direct access” function for each athlete in his groups.  Each athlete entry under the coach requires a unique user name and password which can be provided to an athlete for allow independent access to a coach-managed account.  Even better, coach may modify workouts and leave comments for any training day or the whole week.

Q:  I am a coach, but I do not feel comfortable sharing my work directly with my athletes.  What are the other ways your system helps me to communicate with my athletes?

A: Once you access your account as a coach, you can receive, adjust and print any workout you choose for a particular day.   The print out forms offered at individual level (from each athlete account separately) or from a group management page.

Q:  I am a coach and I want to distribute my workouts to my athletes individually.  How can I protect my copyrights for workouts I created and make sure that athletes feel that this work is done just for them?

A:  Our print out form under the coach account will clearly spell out a coach name and an athlete name for each workout is prepared for both daily or weekly view.   In fact, we can also include your custom logo or organization name into a print form on a custom order.

Q:  I am an independent coach and I want to use your system to help me coach my athletes and paid clients.  What precludes my clients from receiving your suggestions directly from your system if they will decide to bypass me?

A:  We welcome independent and self-employed coaches and believe that our system is just perfect for them.  The fact is that even better coaches can not manage more then 15-20 athletes with independent schedules and provide quality plans for each of them.   This concerns are a history with Makrone!  We designed our system in such a way that it helps coaches to support unlimited number of independent athletes’ accounts and still maintain top quality for each of them.   We treat every coach as our partner.   Our coaches’ licenses fees are treated at a discounted “contractor” level.  Besides, we do not have personal direct contact with our clients that you have.  View us as your background training methodology support.   You do not have to be a sport scientist to coach athletes.  leave this part of worries to us and concentrate on things you do best – i.e. – coach!

Q:  I am operating out of my budget and need an estimate for the duration of my season.   What do I need to do to subscribe and access your service ?

A:  It is actually very simple.  Just send us some details about your situation, number of athletes you coach and desired season duration.  We will than open a conditional account for you and will send you an estimate or invoice.  We usually offer once month grace period to allow your payment process to be finalized while you already take advantage of our service.  The access we offer does not create any obligations on you or your organization.  In case if the payment can not be processed for any reasons, the account will be closed after the grace period will expire unless you will find another funding option.

Q: Do I have to pay for a whole year even if my season is shorter?

No, you only pay for the period you actually use the system.  The payment unit is one month.

Q: My season is only six months but I want to return back to your service for the next year as well.  What will happen with my entries and athletes’  data already entered into a system?  

A: We offer a one year free of charge data saving option.  So, of you have gaps between your service, you still will have your athletes’ and workouts data preserved when you will return back to your service next time.

Q:  Is there a minimum number of service (in terms of duration)  I have to pre-pay?  Are there any sort of  cancellation fees or early termination penalties? 

A: We can help you to set up a month-by-month recurring billing account which you can cancel, suspend or terminate at any time.  There are no hidden fees of any sort, including cancellation fees with Makrotone.  We want you to be happy with our service and are prepared to do everything possible to achieve this goal!



Q: “How much time will I need to set up the system and get access to my workouts?”

A: The system settings are quite easy. For somebody who is fairly comfortable with computers, the 3S system initial set-up may take around 5 minutes or even less. Our coaches usually spend less then 2 minutes per athlete entry. Once the personal profile is set up, you will have access to all components of your highly individualized training plan, from the advanced season planner to daily workouts for any day in your season…

Q:  There are some questions in the account settings section which I can not answer or do not have enough information.  Where I can get assistance? 

A:  Read our Tutorials,  send us a message using any link on your web page or simply call us at 800 941 7303.  Either way your questions will be answered and you will receive help with your account settings.  Our usual response time to clients’ emails is less then 24 hours or faster depending on your geographical location.

Q:  I am located outside of the United States, on different continent and time zone.  Do you provide service to such locations?

A:  Absolutely!  The best way to communicate with us will be via Email or SKYPE.

Q:  I see a question regarding my maximum Heart Rate.  What formula do you use to calculate it if I am not providing my actual one? 

A:  Your Maximum heart rate is calculated based on your age using standard Karvonen formula.  However, you can override this entry if you know your actual maximum heart rate which you may observe in training or received through a test.   Either way it will be good for a start.  Your data will be corrected once you proceed with execution of your workouts.

Q:  Do I need to wear / use a Heart rate monitor with your program?

A: It is not required but highly recommended since every training effort will include information regarding your target heart rate.  You will be much better informed about the level of your effort if you will use some sort of heart rate measuring.  Any simple device will work with our program.


Q: “Are 3S workouts easy to interpret and follow?”

A:  3S daily workouts are offered in set-by-set format. Each set targets a specific energy production mechanism at an intensity close to your individual adaptation threshold level. All you need to do is print out your daily or weekly workout and follow it. Everything else is done by scientists…

Q:  “Do I need any additional equipment to take full advantage of the 3S system?”

A:  Not really.   Our workouts will provide you with at least three levels of effort control:  by time of work and distance, by speed and power output and by heart rate.  So there are enough combinations for training controls on any equipment or even without it if you are a runner or cyclists.

Q:  How can I measure my progression or ability to cope with suggested workload?

A: Your workload is based on your level as entered into a system.  It is very important to be honest with yourself when you are creating personal profile.   At first the program will not know if the entered results are correct.  The results you enter will be converted into optimum progression.   With Makrotone you will have weekly test sets already embedded into your workouts.  Simply record your data into the form and we will tell you where you on a way to your goal


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