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Subscribe to access industry most powerful training optimization and training process management tools. We will help you to better understand your athletes’ abilities, design and implement effective season plans and workouts, design weekly cycles and much more.  No more guessing about volumes and paces, you can’t go wrong with 3S coaching platform

Athletes and Parents

Our service is designed to provide professional-grade training recommendations to anybody who needs a solid training plan and workouts leading to your next victory.  Access our tools that are designed to provide training decision support to Olympic coaches and teams.  With 3S you are not on one coach mercy anymore, but rather enjoy the accumulated knowledge of generations of top-level sports scientists and elite coaches.  Choice is your, but this is not the one that is hard to make…

3S Knowledge

3S Platform is based on massive research in the field of Theory of Sports Training.  We use many proprietary and most effective theories that are proven to drive your performance in the desired direction and maximize your potential at the time when it needed most.  We offer our courses that are the foundation of contemporary coaching, something any coach needs to know and apply in his daily work.

Everything You Need to Manage Training for Any Number of Groups and Swimmers!

  • Multiple Groups Management
  • Ability to add coaches (Assistant Coach, Interns, Graduate Assistants) and assign access roles for each of them separately
  • Events Calendar fully integrated with your season planner and daily prescriptions.  Create different calendar events and goals per group or swimmer.
  • Advanced season and week planners
  • Fully Coordinated and Progressive Daily Workouts
  • Comprehensive analytical tools
  • Lane Management Tool

Subscription to Training Design Platform for Coaches

Ideal for Collegiate Coaches of all Levels.

Designed to make a High School coaching job easy and effective!

Your children deserve the best training available on the market.  3S offers unique yet proven guidance to your child optimum best!  No prior coaching experience necessary.  We provide clear day-to-day guidance and workouts that are designed to drive your swimmer performance to its maximum potential.