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[callout font_size=”14px” style=”skyblue”]TRAINING PLANS YOU CAN TRUST! If you are like most competitive athletes, you’ve probably bounced around from one training plan to another, hoping to find one that will finally lead you to the winner’s podium. Although every training guru claims to have The Holy Grail of training plans, when push comes to shove all he really has to offer is a collection of workouts designed for somebody else’s body… and that simply won’t work for you, or anyone else. Training plans have to be designed for you and you alone. That’s what we do, and that’s why no other program can claim the nearly 100% success rate our athletes have been able to achieve. Our approach to training was developed through decades of research by leading sports scientists, the same ones who created many of the buzz-words and theories you’re already familiar with. But we’re the only game in town that knows how to put it all together, so that you will absolutely, positively hit your training goals.

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[h4]Training Plans and Guides for Athletes[/h4]

If you are serious as we are about fitness, performance, and results… you owe it to yourself to try our proprietary training tools and methods. They have been competition-proven by thousands of elite coaches and athletes over the last 30 years, and have been recalibrated to work with any level athlete from novice to world champion. In our training program you will get…

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[slide name=”1. A thorough understanding of your current condition and ability level”] We are the recognized leader in periodized training, which involves changing your training program at regular intervals or “periods” in order to prevent your body from adapting to a routine, and challenging it to achieve peak performance at a targeted time, like a competition. Before we design your training program, we evaluate and determine multiple variables related to your initial training volume and intensity compared with your adaptation abilities and goals. This is valuable information that is often overlooked by other training plan services.[/slide]

[slide name=”2. A tailor-made training program, custom fit to your unique abilities and goals, not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits all template”]No two athletes are identical. To succeed and perform at your optimum level, you need an individualized, well-balanced training program that leaves no room for guessing at any point in your workout progress. Our unique design system is based on periodized training, and is used by our Collegiate, National and Olympic coach members to prepare their athletes for the most important events in their careers. You are unique, your goals are unique, and your path to your goal should be unique as well.[/slide]

[slide name=”3. Data quality — not data quantity — from your workout sessions”]An individualized training program is worthless if it is not coordinated with your workout sessions, down to each effort and interval. And data collection is worthless if you are not able to use any of it to improve your performance. Our tools analyze not only daily and weekly training volume in distance and time, but the intensity of each effort by speed, heart rate, pace, and power output. No other service in the industry offers this level of precision.[/slide]

[slide name=”4.  Monitoring and guidance of your progress every step of the way toward your performance goal”]Our work does not end after we deliver your training program. Our progression evaluation tools allow you to know exactly where you are in relation to your performance goal, at any time during your training process. No extreme or medical tests are needed. We evaluate your progress based on your training elements, parameters, and data, and provide you with a revised program if necessary. No other service in the industry evaluates the effect of your training and provides recommendations for improvement to ensure that you meet your performance goal.[/slide]


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