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GET ready for the next generation 3S platform!

3S 2nd Generation Platform is coming up soon!  We invested several years developing and refining our NEXT GENERATION platform to make sure that it will help to hugely improve the general usability of our tools while keeping the highest standards of quality in our suggestions.


    For a starter, the 3S environment is now based on a new technological platform, allowing easy access to separate functions without the need of following complex and sequential settings.  In essence, every function on our site can be viewed as an independent App.  All you need is to fill up the training object training profile to access and enjoy all our tools and reports.


    We designed and added several new features making our smart suggestions more transparent on one hand, and hugely improving your decision-making process on another:

    • Advanced training Cycles Planner:

      Review the goals, progressions, and target dates in one place and manage them with ease

    • Interactive Season Planner:

      Adjust 3S provided season plan or create your own using simple “Season Manager”. Our algorithms will keep any options you make in line with optimum requirements for the physiological development of your athletes

    • week load manager:

      Training loads distribution by days is always the most challenging yet necessary task for every coach we worked with.  Now you can view the optimum distribution of loads made by 3S and customize daily loads allocation based on your needs and situations. This feature was the most awaited by all coaches we worked with and we are happy to introduce this tool and knowledge to you now!

    • coordinated, detailed sets and workouts

      After you are done distributing your loads, you still need to design sets in each energy zone category and make them effective from every specific category’s point of view. We make this task easy, by offering the most effective sets by distance, duration, and pace. Even better, you can adjust these sets to make them optimum given your specific needs and situation.

we change the way coaches coach and win, again!