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  • Create rowing season plans and high intensity interval training workouts for every boat and rower on your team in minutes
  • Plan individual progressions for every boat and rower on your team. Switch between HIIT workouts for boat or erg in seconds
  • Receive detailed season training plan and training intensities for each day and week of your training
  • Manage, re-design or re-use any of your workouts, on water or erg. Receive training targets for each rower in your group or boat
  • Receive and manage group workouts and still receive individual per-set targets for each rower in your group, by distance or time of effort
  • Monitor rowers and boats speed progression with unique 3S test-sets
  • Stay in full control and manage your season with confidence!
  • Fast and easy individual training profile setup. No copy-cat plans. Access your rowing workouts in seconds
  • Receive highly individualized and fully optimized Olympic quality high intensity interval rowing training plans and workouts for boat and erg
  • Plan your speed and power output progression and check it with weekly test sets
  • Switch training view by distance or time of effort, boat or erg
  • Stay motivated with challenging, yet effective daily workouts and clear daily goals.
  • Achieve your ideal rowing performance and fitness with confidence
  • Don’t waste your time on inferior rowing training plans. Start your season with 3S rowing training plans!

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  • Ham_Dixon copy"I owe my success entirely to Super Sport Systems Rowing training design genius..."–Dr. Ham Dixon, USA Master Rower, 2 years in a row CRASH-B Champion and 3S user since 2006

  • Joy_testi“3S Rowing is simply amazing! I wish I had known about this training design program 20 years ago…”–Jim Joy, US Rowing Hall of Fame, Past Director of The Canadian National Rowing Team

  • Benning_testi“Thanks for your help designing my seasons and guiding me through them! Silverskif mahogany trophy (for 3 consecutive victories) is mine now!”–Greg Benning, USA Master Rower, Cambridge Boat Club, 3S User since 2006

  • GAvin_testi“We did some racing this past weekend and I just wanted to let you know how it went. The race was in Sarasota, the competition stiff! We took a second in the woman's 2x, a second in the mixed 2x and a second in the mixed 4x races. We were beat by the national team for the 4x race and in the 2x race by a record holder in the event. We were very pleased and thought you might be as well.”–Gail Garvin, USA Master Rower, Cincinnati Rowing Club, 3S User since 2006


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Science Based

Our proven training methodologies have been designed by an unprecedented International team of elite sport scientists and rowing coaches

Proven By Results

Our approach to rowing training has been used successfully at every level of rowing; from age group through Olympics and international masters’ championships

Tools For Every Occasion

Our suite of online tools makes it possible for the coach and individual rower to take complete control over the rowing training process

Individualized Approach

We provide every rower the ability to switch between training in boat or erg, using separate individual progressions in each event. You receive training you need to perform at your best when it counts most!

World Class Support

We offer unlimited support and training advise to every rower and coach at any point of your season. You are always using the best and most effective rowing strategies on your way to success.

Stay in Full Control

Our rowing training program is NOT “click and coach”. We give you the tools to design your season, workouts and even sets your own way. Enjoy solid rowing training science behind our suggestions and stay in full control with every part of your training plan.


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