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Our online suite of “Training Design Tools” makes it amazingly easy to create a winning season for an individual athlete or a whole team of any age or ability. So if you are looking for a better way to coach… you’ve finally found it. We’ll help you to remove the usual guesswork from your planning decisions, and help you escape from the tedious gruntwork of season planning, calculating daily sets, and selecting appropriate exercises.



Choose from three pre-packaged subscription plans or contact us to build a custom plan just for you and your team. Each of our plans provides incomparable value, and will fully cover ALL of your coaching needs.

Start with this package if you just want to get your feet wet. It’s ideal for a small team or for parents who want to coach their own children. And don’t let the name of this plan fool you… you’ll get the same Olympic quality plans, training design tools, and Parametric Training strategies we offer in our premium Elite plan.

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If your are a high school or club coach (or even a Division 2 or 3 collegiate coach) and want your team to really take off, this is probably all you’ll need. You’ll get our industry leading tools, clear guidance and advice from some of the world’s leading coaches, and total support from 3S training experts (not from a third world call room). Now you can train your athletes with confidence and peace of mind, and be poised to move to the next level when you and your athletes are ready.

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Combining breakthrough Analytical and Monitoring Tools with our exclusive toolbox of Training Design Tools, you’ll be able to fine tune training and progression for each of your athletes like a Ferarri. Elite plans are perfect for most Division 1 collegiate coaches and will allow you to develop world-class training plans for a combination of 20 + individual athletes, groups or boats… more than enough for any but the largest collegiate or national teams. But if you need to accommodate additional athletes or coaches, we can add them at minimal cost.
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3S now provides unlimited training methodology support for ALL of our coaching plans.We will help you set-up your team in the system, help you make the proper and most effective planing decisions for every athlete, review their progress and offer suggestions whenever you want a “second opinion”. This premium level of service was formerly available only to Elite and National Team coaches, but now we want to make it available to any coach who needs it.

So, what are you waiting for? The best way to explore our service is to start using it!

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5 Reasons Why 3S Training Design Tools Improve Efficiency and Your Results…

  • We deliver effective individually built training plans that serve as precise daily guide instead of a wishful thinking
  • We provide precise and coordinated amount of workload in each Energy Zone
  • We define every effort and set and coordinate them with others on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis to achieve maximum efficiency
  • We provide tools to measure actual individual progression
  • We offer explanations of why our methods work and how to apply them in daily practice to achieve maximum results. This is simply the most effective professional educational tool ever for coaches of any level