SWIM FASTER WITH A SMARTER TRAINING PLATFORM! Whether you’re a swim coach for age-group, high school, collegiate, masters, or even Olympic level swimmers… you can lead your swim team to the winner’s podium. Our advanced swim training and season planning tools have been recognized by elite swim coaches and major swimming organizations as simply the best in the industry. With these exclusive swim coaching tools you can plan your season, prepare daily workouts, and monitor the progression of all of your swimmers with scientific precision whether they are swimming backstroke, free style, breast stroke, butterfly, or medley.

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Start Your Season Right

MANAGING TRAINING PLANS for your whole swim team can be challenging. To be effective you need to keep track of multiple progressions for each swimmer on your team by stroke and distance, and by different drills and exercise types too. A tough task to be sure, but easy with our tools.

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Plan Training Progression

CHOOSE GOALS you want to achieve for every swimmer on your team by stroke and distance, and we will provide you with precisely calculated day-by-day targets for each training effort. Your training intensities are well weighted and coordinated throughout the whole season as well!

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Manage Season Plan

PLAN YOUR SEASON by volume in each energy Zone as well as by the sequence different intensities are introduced throughout the season. Receive suggested distribution of workloads per energy zone calculated to bring every swimmer on your team to his goal when you need it most!

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Create Daily Workouts

DESIGN GROUP; INDIVIDUAL workouts tailored to the abilities and goals of each swimmer on your team. Use our suggested sets or easily create your own with pace, HR, intensity, and rest intervals calculated for the selected distance and number of repetitions.

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Train in the Right Zone

GET THE MOST from each training set with precisely defined energy zones that are clearly connected to the training effect you are trying to achieve. Avoid damaging your swimmers, and maximize every day’s training

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Analyze Training Progress

DETERMINE the effectiveness of your training process by comparing actual to optimal progression in real time using embedded or daily test sets you’ve created. Tweak or change strategies as needed to meet the ever changing demands of your swimmers

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  • I wanted to drop a note to share a success story. Samantha Cheverton made the Canadian Olympic Team last night in the 200 freestyle. She finished second in a lifetime best of 1:57.9 and will get to swim the 200 free and 800 free relay in London. I wanted to thank you for playing a role in the process. –Bill Dorenkott, Head Coach Women's Swimming, The Ohio State University

  • After implementing the 3S System for one year, we had a swimmer drop over 5 and a half seconds in her 200 free and over 2.5 in her 100. After placing 87th at Summer Nationals the year prior, she won both events at NCSA Junior Nationals with times faster than the 2004 USA Olympic Trials cuts. I truly believe that Super Sport Systems has made a difference. Not just in our elite athletes' performances, but team wide. 3S gives our program the tools we need to excel. The 3S paces and seasonal planning have proved to be dead on accurate for individual and systemic success. What used to take me hours before 3S, now takes minutes. I wouldn't plan a season without it.–Rich Rogers, Clearwater Aquatics

  • One of the swimmers on your Internet program, Tamara Swaby, is presently competing in the Central American Games in El Salvador. She swam the 100 meter (LC) butterfly in 1:04.8. You predicted she would be swimming 1:04.79 at this time. Her best time is 1:04.3. Very Impressive results!–Ernie Maglischo

  • ...Kristin Magnusson performances in Beijing (two Silver Olympic medals) would not have happened without your tools' help…–Matt Kredich, Head Coach, University of Tennessee

  • ... We had an astonishing performance at Houston Invitational last week (11/2012). 3 new school records, 20 swim in top 10 on men side and 19 swims in top 10 all-time... Men beat SMU and Texas A&M. And we were beating LSU until the second last event Platform diving! All this UNRESTED and UNSHAVED!!! Just thought I would let you know. I cannot THANK YOU enough for your help...–TJ Johnson, Head Coach, University of Wyoming