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Unleash Your Professional Potential

  • Learn to control  every aspect of the training process
  • Learn to understand physiological effects of training
  • Learn how to use the most advanced coaching tools in the industry
  • Discover the most effective strategies and learn how to apply them freely

Achieve Results You’ve Always Wanted

  • Plan individual progression of every athlete
  • Understand the limits of physiological adaptation
  • Learn how to select the most effective training sets and workouts
  • Learn athletes’ progression evaluation and season correction methods

Realize Financial Goals By Partnering With 3S

  • Manage large groups of athletes without loosing quality of individual training
  • Become 3S Certified coach and receive references to new athletes
  • Improve your career opportunities with confident and successful performances
  • Become a 3S coach-partner

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Introduction to Scientific Coaching

  • Coaching philosophies and professional mission
  • 3S system 101 – How to set up and manage multiple athletes’ accounts
  • Advanced system settings and requirements

Methods of Athletes’ Evaluation

  • Understanding athletes’condition
  • Parameters limiting performance
  • Methods of evaluating athletes and training process parameter
  • Age development levels and Goals

Energy Systems Balance

  • Understand different approaches to Energy systems
  • Exercise physiology review with an understanding of physiological “mapping”
  • Energy Systems definitions criteria

Periodization And Season Planning  

  • Periodization as foundation for season planning
  • 3S planning tools and philosophies
  • Advanced season planning
  • Fine-Tuning seasons for specific athletes and goals

Methodology of Sports Training

  • Exercise formalization and selection
  • Parametric training concept and strategies
  • Practical applications of parametric training for solving specific tasks

Season Management Methods

  • Individual Progression evaluation
  • Corrections to a season plan
  • Organizing the training process, testing, and fatigue evaluation

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