Get exactly what you need to out-stroke your competition. Whether you’re a novice, high school, collegiate, or masters rower… or even an Olympic champion… we have the perfect training plan for you. Easy to read and simple to follow, these science-based personalized plans will get you to your goals with almost 100% certainty. And you’ll access your online training plan and workotputs by PC, MAC, or tablet… 24/7… anywhere in the world. START YOUR RISK-FREE TRIAL NOW! View Membership Plans



Get Effective HIIT Workouts

As your online coach we will deliver your custom science-based daily high intensity interval training workouts to your PC, MAC, smartphone, or tablet for easy access 24/7 anywhere in the world. And every one will be tailor-made exclusively for you. Based on your individual abilities and goals, every training set of every workout is coordinated with your overall plan and required progression for maximum training effect.

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Get a Winning Training Plan

Get a precisely calculated, tailor-made season plan with total training volume and interval training intensities per Energy Zone progressions suggestions. Our season plan construction is based on 3rd generation interval training principles, not obsolete “block design”. Follow your personal training plan suggestions, and you will peak exactly on the day of your most important race.

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Get Flexible Planning Tools

Things happen, so we want you to be able to manage your weekly training schedule without loosing the quality of your overall training plan. Choose times and days to train, select erg or boat workout, change them anytime you need to… and still get optimum weekly distribution of training loads that are coordinated with your daily training intensities and volumes.

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Get Precise Training Targets

We don’t leave anything to chance, so you’ll never have to worry again about how much or how hard to train. We calculate all daily targets… speed, time of effort, distance, reps, HR, rest and more… for every set of every workout you do for the entire season. We will also balance the load and effort required to fit in with your overall season plan.

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Get Personal Training Zones

Any training effort has to be applied properly to be effective. Training in the wrong training zone can damage your body and derail your progress. We clearly define the limits of your personal training zones and match them with most effective training exercises to produce optimum training effect. This way we keep your progression on target to your goals.

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Get Daily Feedback

Stay on top of your progression by comparing the results you’re actually accomplishing to the times you should ideally be making. The ability to monitor progression without complex tests provides a perfect solution to your success. You will never worry about over or under training again, and be assured you will peak exactly when you need it most.

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  • Just thought you would be interested in knowing how pleased I was with my rowing for the Head of the Hooch. My quad beat our younger club quad filled with Yale, Princeton, Harvard and a national team rower... They just could not believe the "old timers" beat them! We were 7th and they were 10th! Thank YOU for your guidance!"–Gail Garvin, Cincinnati Rowing

  • Simple, practical... excellent concept! Good explanation of training zones. Excellent use of power output or speed as the key determinant of training intensity.–Wayne Goldsmith, National Director High Performance Australia

  • In addition to winning Silverskiff Regatta and placing 2nd in Charles, I wanted to mention one comment regarding the effectiveness of the 3S program. I used a general "foundation" conditioning program during the winter and then switched back to 3S in the spring - and did two 12-week training cycles with you. I had a full laboratory physiological test done in April (as I got back into the boat), and then again in November (after head racing season). From April to November, my anaerobic threshold on the erg increased from 80% to 90% of observed HRmax. The comment from the lab was "keep doing whatever you're doing, because its clearly working"–Greg Benning, Master Sculler Cambridge Boat Club

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