Cyclist_web Get exactly what you need to enjoy your ride or break away from the pack. From casual riders to velodrome champions we have the perfect training plan for you. Easy to read and simple to follow, these tailor-made plans will get you to your goals with almost 100% certainty. And you’ll get everything right over the Internet so you can access your online training plan by PC, MAC, smartphone, or tablet… 24/7… anywhere in the world. Start My Free Trial Now! To Membership Plans



Start Training Right Today!

Forget about filling out complicated forms. Just tell us a few things about yourself and your training, and we’ll build a fully periodized training plan created exclusively for you that is based on your abilities and training goals. Your will be able to access your Olympic-quality training plan in seconds, anywhere in the world.

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Just Follow Our Roadmap

We will plan your entire season for you. Once we know your goals, we can calculate exactly how much “work” will be required to reach them on a day-by-day basis. Our exclusive “Parametric Training Strategies” produce amazing results with athletes of any ability or age, and are considered to be the most powerful and effective in the industry.

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Plan Your Week

We understand just how complicated life is today. That’s why we have an easy-to-use “Training Scheduler” that will allow you to fit your training hours around school, work, or other activities. You pick the times and the days you want to train, and we do everything else. And if something comes up, we’ll recalculate all training loads for you on-the-fly to maintain the integrity of your program.

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Learn How Much to Train

Balancing how hard and how much you train is a complicated task. And producing a daily workout that does this in an interesting and challenging way is even harder. But we calculate everything for you with scientific precision… including heart rate, number of reps, target times, and even how long you need to rest between sets.

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Keep Track of Everything

Forget about scribbled notes. Record results, practice times, and efforts in your own online training log. Select the level of details you want to log, share and compare with fellow riders, or keep it a secret from your rivals. Either way you’ll find it easy to record and retrieve your training information in most meaningful manner.

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Check Your Progress

By comparing your actual progression to ideal one, we can tell you if you’re on course and if you’re not and what you’ll need to do to get back on track. Rest assured you’ll never over or under train again. And if you’re a competitive racer, we’ll also peak you on the exact day of your most important event.

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  •  I am a young at 58 and brought up in the “No Pain, No Gain” generation. My 3S training has been a revelation to me because it has reduced the overall work that I do and as hoped has increased the benefit of the work, that is I am faster, much faster. As a youth right up to a few years ago I chronically over trained and I have some disability now as a result. Even with that disability I can do my 3S training and improve.Henry Wischusen III, Avid Cyclists

  • 3S offer a wealth of information not seen anywhere else. Where most programs offer "generic" training programs, the 3S System provides tools to set up individualized profiles, training zones, weekly planners, season training volumes, and season goals. It even allows for the designing of personalized sets and analysis of current results.Diane Haupt, Elite Duathlon Athlete, Multisport Coach

  • ...Just wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you've done for me over the past 5 years. Christine's Magnusson performances in Beijing (two Silver medals) would not have happened without your help and without the knowledge that I've gained from using 3S.Matt Kredich,Head Women’s Swim Coach

    University of Tennessee