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Our system is based on over 30 years of focused research in exercise science training methodology, eliminating all guesswork. And all training parameters and suggestions are optimized just for you!

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3S has been proven and tested by generations of Olympic coaches and elite athletes in real competitions. Our guides, tools and suggestions were developed to support the best, where winning is the only option.

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Subscribe and receive immediate access to your personal training plan, detailed daily workouts, and tools to adjust any training parameter. It’s like having a team of elite sport scientists working for you 24/7.


Easy Setup Methods

  • Accurately define your current level of ability
  • Establish proper stress levels
  • Understand your limitations

Industry’s Best Planning Tools

  • Unique Season Planner
  • Contemporary Periodization
  • Progression Planning

Easy Training Management

  • Every effort or set is clearly defined
  • Dynamic Weekly Density distribution
  • Precise calculation of effort by Energy Zone

Progress Monitoring

  • Automatic season progression evaluation
  • Track progression rates weekly
  • Decision making instruments

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If you are looking for a better way to coach, manage your athletes’ performance or create effective workouts and training plans… you owe it to yourself to give 3S a try. Our proprietary training strategies, planning methods, and coaching tools offer the most advanced training solution available today anywhere in the world. And our coaching tools are designed to offer simple and reliable suggestions that will guide you on the path to success.  Take advantage of our FREE TRIAL offer and enjoy personal-best performances with our results-driven training program!

  • makrotone service review"The Super Sport System looks like a good tool for athletes and coaches. The workout planning system will help athletes maximize their chances of achieving their athletic goals. It uses well-researched exercise science principles along with each athlete's individual parameters to design long-range sport specific training plans, weekly training plans, and individual daily workouts that will help any level of athlete or sport participant reach their athletic goals".–Mat Luebbers, Swimming

  • I wanted to drop a note to share a success story. Samantha Cheverton made the Canadian Olympic Team last night in the 200 freestyle. She finished second in a lifetime best of 1:57.9 and will get to swim the 200 free and 800 free relay in London. Just wanted to thank you for playing a role in the process.–Bill Dorenkott, Head Coach Women's Swimming,The Ohio State University 03/30/2012

  • We just finished our State Championship meet this past Sunday and had two 13-14 boys finish in the top 8 in the mile.  Wyatt finished 6th with a 17:12 and Ben finished 8th with a 17:29.  Wyatt dropped 26 seconds from his lifetime best back in Dec of 2011 and Ben dropped 29 seconds from his previous best on February 24th of 2012.  Thank you !–Rob Knight, Bloomington Normal Swim Club, IN.3/13/2012

  • 3S works! Jason (Osborn) won two national (German) titles at the weekend. Gold in Lightweight Single U17 and Gold in Lightweight Double Four U17. This is his first year at U17 (he is only 15). Thank you, your programme is simple, effective and gets results. –Mark Osborn, Proud Parent-Coach, Germany, 07/09/2009

  • Thank you for all of your help in the past, Conner set the new 100 yard National Breast stroke record this year at 53.41. Going to Minnesota On full scholarship. –Michael McHugh, Minnesota DoorCounty YMCA, 09/12/2014

  • We just came out of championship where all athletes demonstrated excellent results.  This happened because of your program and knowledge. I´m very satisfied so far, THANK YOU for your knowledge and assistance!–Federico Sarabia Rodriguez, Mazatlan, Mexico, 11/17/2014